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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Software |

1 second everyday, recorded one second of your life every day

1 second everyday, recorded one second of your life every day

1 Second Everyday is an submitted by the artist Cesar Kuriyama on , a website that helps creative projects get financial funding. Its main objective is to record a second of every day to finally unite the different videos and get something like the movie of our life.

Today, photography is undergoing a revolution thanks to the smartphone. Before, it was an activity reserved for those who had a high economic level shooting. Now, however, it is a daily practice that makes many people through their mobile phones to capture scenes funny or simply a picture to remember.

Now this application aims to keep what’s important. Many are used to document our life in excess and thus generate too much content and lose the essence of the most important, when we are most marked.

1 Second Everyday focuses on recording 1 second every day of our lives. The user can record with the application that you like but after the import should shorten it to a second long. Also, each clip is given a day on the calendar to facilitate the work of search, you can select any date and see who was the most marked us.

Cesar Kuriyama, the creator of the application, recorded every day of his 30 years of his life one second resulting in a rather curious result. Note that at that age he took a year off to do the activities that always wanted to do like traveling, engage in personal projects and spend more time with family.

Personally, I was powerfully reminded of the popular photography 365 projects consisting of taking a picture every day of the year. However, this project offers something more, something casual image is not comparable to a small short. The movement always gives a feeling of more life. Undoubtedly, this is a curious thing giving spectacular results. Do not dedicarías a second every day to see what you did later during the year? I surely will.

For now, you can enter your email on your website to notify you when available applications for iOS and Android .

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