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10 applications for autonomous online bill

10 applications for autonomous online bill

An important and often cumbersome task that falls on those who work as freelancers is to organize their own accounts and make their bills. Unpleasant task that sometimes takes too much time to devote to the true profession but fortunately more and more services available in the cloud, both free and paid, for a fully autonomous take up their accounts and can access their accounting data and documents securely from anywhere you have a internet connection.

Some of the services that we recommend are:


Contamoney is a fairly comprehensive program that does more to do bills, allowing the customer and supplier management and multi-currency (ie supports multiple exchange rates). It also includes budget, schedule and credit management. Your safety is covered by an SSL certificate. For a week allowed free use of the professional modules (contacts, taxes, etc..) And also lets you change the colors of the design of the bills. can be sent via email or save as PDF.

Is available for iPhone making it truly accessible from anywhere.

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Endeve was free until recently but now only payment plans, albeit with a 30-day trial. Their cheapest plan of 9 euros per month and allows unlimited invoices. The design is quite simple and easy to use.

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The design of Facturagem is very simple and intuitive, and this application only allows invoices. The generated documents can be sent via email, creating a PDF or via a secure link, and the design of the bills is not customizable. You can make unlimited invoices for a fee of 9.99 euros per month.

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Hazteunafacturae an application is recognized by the Spanish Tax Agency that allows you to sign a digital certificate. It’s totally free because it is conceived as a public service to all those, especially freelancers and small SMEs, who need to bill to present to their customers. It has versions in Castilian, Catalan, Galician and English.

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Blinksale has a flat rate of $15 per month offering unlimited invoices and has no free version (except the trial lasting 15 days), but is very complete and powerful. Has integration with PayPal and Basecamp, and multicurrency. His email templates are customizable and has a very clean and configurable. They care too much attention to the customer, which is free, both by email and by telephone.

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Zoho is a comprehensive suite for managing various aspects of your accounting and management of your business. The part relating to the creation of invoices is also very complete, you can create recurring invoices, set all the parameters in it, add custom fields and set taxes and different types of coins. You can also generate a wide range of reports: sales, invoices, expenses, payments, customers, projects and prosecutors. The free plan includes unlimited invoices and estimates, the only difference with payment plans is the number of customers that can be added (up to 5) and the number of users that can access the account (1).

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Zoho Invoice is available for Android and for iPhone , and the modules available include billing, budgets, clients, expenses and articles.


Factuonline well as creating invoices, offers graphs of expenses, in Spanish, simply and without too many configuration options but a very intuitive and clean. Has ability to view summaries: expenditures, taxes and rates, and export them to Excel. It also allows recurring invoices. It’s free.

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Anfix is an uncomplicated program for SMEs and self, with a fairly intuitive design and usage examples. The basic version is free and FacturaPro having more options is sold as a flat fee of 9.90€ per month or 19.90 for businesses. But in a gesture and leave it free for interesting autonomous turnover below €50,000 per year or enterprise with less than 120,000 euros a year billing.

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Kubbos no plans free, but from 9 euros per month allows a user to create invoices, access to your CRM and its API, and all plans can be tested free for 15 days. Allows management of electronic bill (FacturaE), control of income and expense reports and bank account management and maturity.

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We could say that Enneto is a simple application, with a look a bit 2004, as a novelty includes the ability to send your private agency access to your account so you can review your accounting data when needed. This application, made by developers of Valencia, also allows you to export invoices in invoice-e.

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