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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Windows |

10 applications for Windows 8 focused on productivity

10 applications for Windows 8 focused on productivity

We can say that is the ratio of the results obtained to undertake a task and the time we spent on it, and therefore we can say that is present in most of our daily lives, especially in our working hours. Do more in less time can also be a good way to define productivity, and strengthen it, rather than try to do today thanks to 10 applications for Windows 8.

Android have been enough for the new operating system from Microsoft that have touched here, but we have always had a special commitment to productivity and, although we have discussed some centric applications that, we had not spent a compilation. If you are looking for tools that will make life easier and help you to promote it on your brand new Windows 8, these are the applications that you must install:


This native application of could not miss in the list. While Dropbox could have said, its largest competitor, SkyDrive integration with the new version of Microsoft operating system makes it the first product of cloud storage to try. Best of all is that we have available as soon as we installed the system, with our email accounts from Microsoft. What we offer Skydrive? For instant synchronization of documents between our devices, whether desktop or mobile, wherever we walk, never run out of our pictures, videos and other documents.


A list of applications centered on productivity could not fail to include a password manager, and LastPass is the most popular out there. Its application allows Windows 8 automatically fill in password fields, gaining valuable seconds during the day can be minutes, given the high number of services that will utiliceis.


SUV OneNote is an application in the field of the organization. This is the Windows version 8 of a popular application is now fully adapted to the Metro interface. With it we can make quick notes and later retrieve them where we are: Everything is stored in the cloud, with automatic connection to our SkyDrive account. OneNote is definitely a must in productivity in the new Windows, and a product hard to beat. Essential.


OneNote is perhaps more focused on people who need to take notes as soon as you install the app, but Evernote surpasses it in many ways, hence its popularity. With Evernote can keep your notes synchronized between different devices, as it has application in most systems. No doubt, its biggest advantages over other applications is that it is really colorful and it is a great idea when, precisely, do not let ideas escape us, with ability to save text or photographs, for example.

Task Tomato

Task Tomato is probably the best application in Windows 8 to use the pomodoro technique. We’ve talked about it many times, and is nothing more than a technique to squeeze all our potential and multiply our productivity several times. Everything is focused on dividing our work in 25 minutes also called pomodoros, after which we may take a small break of 5 minutes. This will focus all our efforts to undertake the tasks during periods of work and rest and keep us fresh when we completed the tasks realaj√ɬ°ndonos.

Metro Commander

This application brings literally productivity Windows 8, because as you know the Metro interface does not have a native file manager. That’s Metro Commander, the best option when performing basic operations with files and folders without sacrificing the system that focuses on this special, and the biggest jerk Microsoft to sell well on portable systems.

Robot Task

The application at hand focuses on providing a tool through which we can schedule tasks, such as sending emails, downloading applications or text transformation. Easy to use, this orderly in categories in which we will be easy to find the tasks to be undertaken, whether the field is, offline or online, including content sharing in social networks.


This is the official app for Windows 8 Trello. A few months ago we talked about this way of managing team projects , but also a very good idea to organize face our own tasks. Trello focuses on chip, which can populate with sub-elements and these same while moving between these chips. In the example I suggest we put three tabs: To-Do, Doing and Done. A great way to start organizing our work, right? Well this must be added the ability to add tags, assign times, comments, attach photos …


Toolbox for Windows 8 is not one but several productivity tools targeted for use under the Metro interface. With it we have, individually or collectively-to-6 at a time, tools such as a calculator, a timer that will notify us of future events, a voice recorder or a sketchbook, among others.


As its name suggests, Goals is an application that helps and motivates us to reach our goals. Do you know the trick Post it to undertake the task? This is something, and basically allows us to create a series of tasks which we can track, set ourselves a deadline, and be watching the progress of the same.

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