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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Mobile |

10 apps that every designer must have in his iPhone

10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone

Perhaps our mobile phone is so embedded in our daily lives that some designers do not consider a specific tool of work, but the truth is that there are increasingly mobile solutions serving any creative can work even when away from their study . The can be a great teammate if we have the applications they need for our work. Sometimes for a few euros we have tools that make us save time and effort, so we made a list of some apps that every designer should have in their hand at all times or at least know.

Adobe Ideas

10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 2 A true digital sketchbook, this is Adobe Ideas , and serves to catch ideas from your iPhone and shape using lines and colors. It lets you quickly draw anytime using vectors, allowing you to return to colors that you used, with multiple color schemes. Work with layers and each sketch can use 10 drawing and a photo at no extra charge. Each is adjustable opacity, and rotate, scale and move independently. It costs 8.99 euros.


10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 3 Layers of paint is a tool that allows you to apply layers to any picture, painting or erasing on each to maximize control over the transparencies. It also has different styles of painting. Once you finish your drawing can email it as JPG or PSD file keeping all layers.

It costs 4.49 euros.

cliqcliq Colors

10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 4 cliqcliq, the company that developed cliqcliq Colors , closed, but has left us one of the best running apps sorting colors and is free. You never know when you’ll see that color or that tone and that’s why you need to cliqcliq Colors can select the colors you want and palettes based on photos taken with your camera phone, you are in your photo library or Flickr. Similar to COLOURLovers on the web, if you work with CSS, HTML, Flex, Flash or Objective-C, for example, you can save a lot of time translating those exact colors you want to use on the scales and formats you need, such as RGB, HSB and CMYK .

Toy Color

10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 5 Once you have an idea of the color or range you want to use, you must combine and here also have an app that can help a lot. Color Toy is simple but very effective, will help you find the best color palette to whatever you need . You can generate them, edit and save.

It costs 2.69 euros.


10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 6 Often need to work with fonts for your designs. Good app free and simple to use for fonts is Typefaces , which enables you to recognize all fonts you have on your device, with information from each. This was one that we recommend in a post about apps for iPad to crazy about the font , can look there because several have also version for iPhone.


10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 7 If you happen to often go down the street or find sources and wonder what might be, WhatTheFont can be indispensable to you. This “hunter” you can identify sources instantly. You can do it through the camera, but if you do not have it available, will also recognize you send photos via email or Safari. We also bring you information about the selected font and “hunted”. It’s free.

FTP on the Go

10 apps that every designer must have in your iPhone image 8 A very useful app to edit files on your website when you’re at your desk, via FTP, through which you can view and edit files from anywhere you are, something that can be very useful to save situations when we discovered errors in the site either need to unforeseen changes and we’re not sitting on our desk. FTP on the Go is available for iPhone and iPod and costs 4.49 euros.

If you’re a designer as well or you have to work from different locations, although there are some apps that are not specific to design, they will be essential to your smartphone:

  • Evernote: The Swiss Army Knife of productivity, an app that can not miss on your mobile, now with a revamped version of its makes it a thousand times easier to use. Save your project there, new ideas, sketches, images, photos and keep everything organized for when you need it. Essential for designers too.
  • Dropbox, Box or SkyDrive: Having a backup system in the cloud is essential for those who need access to your projects or files from various devices. A database where you have the fonts, images or projects that need to show customers when you need it.
  • Turnover: In Bitelia have recommended many apps for freelancers online bill and many of them have mobile version so you can access and prepare in the time arises to make a budget or when you’re asked to work performed factures and to be controlled at all times your billing.
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