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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

10 Chrome extensions for better online shopping

10 Chrome extensions for better online shopping

Internet, as well as being an inexhaustible source of memes and LOLCats, is also an excellent way to shop. It is also an easy way to buy, from anywhere in the world where we are, which, under protest to our wallet, gives us access to a lot of things that we only dreamed of before. But our online shopping experience can be better exploited yet: if you use eBay, or other major stores, we have to know how to take advantage of the discounts and promotions that may arise on the web.

For this, we selected a list of 10 that allow us to improve our online shopping experience in different ways and in different stores, since showed what the best discount on Amazon, to help you calculate the actual price on our currency of an item that we buy abroad, the American ideal.

  • eBay Deals : with this extension can have access to the huge catalog of eBay, with products that are coming up for sale platform users. Us access to so-called Daily Deals platform, which renews daily specials list that, in some cases, we can not miss. Some users claim that asking too many permits to be used, but we can see that is raised by the same eBay. Be at the discretion of each installation or not.
  • Amazon Discount Finder : This extension is very easy to use and allows us to find the best prices within a sales platform in the world. We can also take full advantage of Amazon with its official extension for Chrome, and other apps that are running around.
  • Invisible Hand : This extension is very subtle and every time we go to one of the sites identified sales, will tell us whether we can turn to another to find a better price. If we, for example, Amazon, we can say that we can find the same book for 20% less at another store online. It is very useful for those who always shop online but need a way to save.
  • PriceBlink : works in a very similar to Invisible Hand, looking for the best prices in online stores. But it also allows us to look for coupons that are uploaded to the Internet for a particular product, and read the reviews published on the Internet before buying. It also allows us to check the shipping charges that can add up in our order, even before proceeding with the order.
  • The Camelizer : this is one of the most popular Chrome extensions in regard to purchases. With The Camelizer we can register to receive notifications whenever an item you are interested in purchasing this offer at major online stores. What it does well is to show a graph of the price history of a product, to be speculating on what will be the best time to buy.
  • Chrome Currency Converter : One of my main problems when buying online is to calculate how much money really pay for what I’m buying. Generally we think of dollars, but the reality is that the account of the credit card I arrive in Argentine pesos. So, with this extension can do the calculation in advance to see if we can actually buy an item before confirming shipping.
  • Price Droid : this extension allows us to make a comparison between the prices of different online shopping sites, directly from the browser. If we’re looking at a product in one of the stores, we can select the best price from a drop down window with different offers. There are a huge number of stores which can be very helpful.
  • App Store Discounts : for those who are always looking to add new applications to their iOS devices, this extension allows you to find the best discounts and be notified when the application in which we are interested the price drops.
  • Groupon Deals : Groupon is everywhere. If we use this world of coupons, then we will need this extension, which tells us about the daily specials even before we get to the mail.
  • DealExtreme : Chinese nonsense! FREE SHIPPING! We all know the wonders that have dealextreme, and now we can buy directly from the browser. This extension gives us what new features that are added to the catalog.
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