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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

10 Easter eggs to discover on the weekend

10 Easter eggs to discover on the weekend

It’s Friday, and as such, we have to distract a bit from the stress of the week. So, let’s review one of the most enjoyable aspects of the software, the Easter eggs. This is not the classic Easter candy, but a hidden section of code that, when discovered by the user within an application, it triggers a certain action or game that is not listed in any manual. In Google searches, for example, we will find several eggs.

We can even think of the amount of programs with undiscovered. It’s interesting. To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, we have selected our favorite Easter eggs, and then we will tell them how to activate them. Although there are legendary Easter eggs in earlier versions of popular programs, we will try to focus on recent software or applications;

  • The racing game Excel 2000: even after this Excel version is called no more Easter eggs because of the weight that you added to the application-boring people asked him, without doubt, one of the last examples of the creativity of developers is reflected in a car racing game hidden in spreadsheets. To access, we have to follow this path: File> Save as web page> Publish> Select “Add interactivity”> Publish> Close Excel> Open Internet Explorer> Open> Open the saved file from Excel> go to cell 2000> Select column A and drag to ZZ> Press Tab> Press Tab to be in column WC> Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift and click the Excel logo to start the game.
  • Konami Code in Google Reader: Konami code is a sequence of keys used in games of this brand to add extra lives. In the rest of the web, has been immortalized countless hide Easter eggs in the web. In the case of Google Reader, when we press the up + up + down + down + left + right + left + right + B + A, a ninja will appear onscreen.
  • The little snake YouTube: Google’s master easter eggs, and basically all their services you can find one. In the case of YouTube, we can access the classic arcade game Snake, by clicking on the video before you start playing and then playing some of the arrow keys. This Easter egg I’ve included last year in the list of the top Google easter eggs , also deserves a fun read.
  • The Book of Mozilla: Firefox’s browser has some easter eggs not so funny but that are unique. One is to unlock a phrase from the “Book of Mozilla”, which has been added since the first versions of the application. To do so, we must enter the navigation bar about: Mozilla. Then, entering about: robots, will be greeted by a futuristic robot with cool messages.
  • Unicorns Google Calculator: Google calculator is magic, until we can give the meaning of life-in case you did not know, is 42. If we look for the number that has a unicorn horns, plus the loneliest number, we will have the obvious answer: 2.
  • The flight simulator Google Earth: to close with a list of Google, we have another awesome game, flight simulator. Submitting to Google Earth and typing the Ctrl + Alt + A, we will open a window that lets you select between two fighter jets to fly through the Himalayas.
  • Pitfalls on the Minesweeper: Minesweeper remember? For some it was the most boring in the world, while others never understood how to play. But MineSweep, that was his name in English, had a legion of fans. And for them was created this easter egg in Windows XP, where typing xyzzy could get clues about the location of the mines.
  • Paragraphs more in Word: the dummy text can be very useful for many. Although there are several ways to generate, through Word also can con = lorem (paragraphs, sentences) where each of these variables indicates what the length of the text.
  • Star Wars in Open Office: in OpenOffice spreadsheet can access a space game. Entering the formula = game () and validate the cell through the validation button, the program will ask “say what?”. To which we must respond with a new formula, = GAME (“StarWars”), which will open a new window with the game.
  • The snake, but Mac: but so far we have talked about Easter eggs in Windows, at least when it comes to software, there is also for Mac OS X. To activate a version of Snake, we need to open the Terminal and follow these steps: Terminal> type emacs> Press Enter> within emacs hold X and press Esc> Write “snake” at the bottom of the screen. This also works typing “Tetris”.

Easter eggs are fascinating, and if they like the topic I recommend you visit the page The Easter Egg Archive , where users contribute their discoveries themselves-in fact, we have to thank for some items on this list, we discovered through this Portal.