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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

10 essential Android apps to start 2013

10 essential Android apps to start 2013

Terminals with Android have been the stars of this 2012. From phones to tablets and cameras!, The Google mobile operating system slipped everywhere, with sales surprising that they even overtake the iPhone, the spearhead of Apple. Without going any further, there is a good chance that this Christmas we received a gift smartphone, and as always happens with new things, we want to fill it with useful applications as soon as possible. So we came up with “give them” a list of the ten Android applications that can not miss in this beginning of the year.


If Facebook had not updated its Android mobile app a few weeks ago, probably another social service as Jolicloud would be present in this list. But good things have to wait for them, they say, and bending the curve end of the year we find the surprise of the native application for Android, an incredible improvement in performance and stability of an app that used to be a disaster. Angry with HTML5, and repeating the success on iOS, Mark Zuckerberg decided to develop its own code. We delighted.

The photo upload speed is incredible, and we can say the same about viewing. If we are addicted to social networks, or at least spent a considerable amount of time on Facebook, this is one of the applications that can not fail in our smartphone. It downloads free Google Play.


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Smartphones are almost constantly connected devices to the internet and therefore vulnerable to attack by third parties that we can leave the phone unusable or steal all our information. So, if we want to use mainly home banking applications and others where we have to enter sensitive data, we have to take into account the safety of the terminal and data encryption.

To do so, we strongly recommend a free application called CryptRoll , we can encrypt much of the data exchanged from the smartphone, we put together from the notes in the notebook, which might save some passwords-not recommended-to the content went up to the cloud through Google Docs, for example. You can also ensure delivery of SMS through an AES-256 encryption. Impeccable, and without paying a dime.


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While we are accustomed to streaming services like Spotify, who live outside your network of influence we have to be satisfied with our music library offline, it is still important. Although many of the phones come with a particular player, if we are too demanding audiophiles or we want something more.

Comes into play MediaMonkey , recomendadísima suite that not only acts as player but is also an excellent musical organizer. It has support for lyrics, different music files, podcasts, videos and audiobooks, manages playlists, and allows us to navigate our way varied music library. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play or from the official project page.

Gmail for Android

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Obviously, being a Google OS, Gmail is an inflatable tool on Android. It comes pre-installed, but if not find it, we can not miss. A few weeks ago, Google made a major update, which if not done automatically, should be undertaken immediately to start taking advantage.

With this new update, Gmail tool allows us to archive and delete emails with the movement of a finger, very easy. In addition, we guarantee that we will always have to hand all our emails, one of the main reasons to buy a smartphone.


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We turn now to the area of productivity, that we like. One of the best options available for their generosity and simplicity, is Google Tasks. We have told earlier the best ways to use it, and if we choose to use it as our primary task manager, chances are you want to have it also in our mobile. Google does not give us an application, but we have alternatives.

One of the best is GTasks , that synchronizes with your Google account to extract the tasks that we have added, and allows us to edit, create, and complete them without too much trouble. It has a free version supported by advertising, and a payment, but at the end of the day has the same clean interface and simplicity offered from the desktop Google Tasks.


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Another of our favorites is task managers Any.DO , which allows us to synchronize tasks from the desktop through a browser extension, and from the phone. For Android, if users are not Google Tasks is an application that we can not miss, because Android is not known for having a truly efficient application reminders.

Any.DO allows us to keep track of our business through the cloud, keeping a to-do list that can be accessed and updated at all times, in four different trays classification to be better organized, marking priority tasks, and more . The service is available as a Chrome extension and Android app, so you can not miss to start 2013 in a more organized and productive.


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Photo sharing services also played an important role this year. But the most basic, shared between the phone and the computer, was also renovated in 2012. From the same developers of Flock, came Bump , an innovative service for sharing images very simple, with just a keystroke.

Turning the page location from Bump in the computer, and from the Android team, hitting the space bar will start the transfer as if by magic. It is a very simple to do, which allows us to quickly download photos. There is also the option to synchronize with our Dropbox account, but we can occupy space. Bump is a creative way to move photos, something that can not happen considering the quality of images from many cameras with Android, but not all.


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After reaching a peak of popularity in iOS, Android Flipboard also reached. Some high-end terminals, is shipped with the computer. But no such luck, and we like to keep informed, then one of the things we have to be installed or yes on our team is this app.

Flipboard allows us to synchronize our Google Reader account, but also provides information curation service through which selects, in which you can select specific topics ourselves, the most interesting of the day. In addition, we have access to so-called Flipboard Picks, items that have no waste. It’s completely free.


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Although I have many modern terminals by default, we can not start the year without Swype installed. Since we can ensure that this is the best keyboard for Android available, without mincing words. While more and more we get used to these terminals QWERTY keyboard, Swype brings a different proposal.

To write, just have to slide your finger across the screen, forming the word you want and saving movements and errors. Basically we are doing a “wake” to complete the words. Swype is not for everyone, but if we save time is right for us.


10 essential Android apps to start 2013 image 10

We close our list with another application to sleep peacefully at night. It’s Lookout , a very complete utility with which we can ensure the safety of our Android smartphone in several respects. Not only do we have to be careful with software vulnerabilities but we have to consider the possibility of losing the team, or we will be caught. Comes into play then this application.

Lookout has features to analyze each of the applications we install or already have installed, looking for malware, but also keeps our device using the same GPS located. It comes in a free version which only enabled the trace function, and a payment where we can also delete all your data in case of theft or loss.

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