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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

10 Firefox addons for social networking addicts

10 Firefox addons for social networking addicts

We know many of our readers are immersed in the daily life of the new world of Social Media, and fortunately we have many tools to exploit this development. We do not want to leave out users of Mozilla Firefox, so for today we have put together a new list of to this browser.

Many of these extensions are going to appoint are designed to enhance our experience on Facebook, for example. The biggest social network in the world is not very happy when we leave your site, but these extensions can also share things without having to stop reading or doing what we are doing to get into to share. We have also selected Twitter related extensions, we can come in handy.

  • Facebook Share Button : although today all pages should be equipped with a button or Share on Facebook Share is not always the case. To overcome this problem, because for those addicted to social networks is a real problem, we can use this plugin. Allowing us to share whatever is on our profile page without having to join Facebook.
  • Facebook Touch Panel : continue with the special selection for Facebook. With the Touch Panel can access all our information from Facebook, without having to enter the page and continue browsing normally. This plugin allows us to review and interact with our notifications and messages, which can be supplemented with other extensions we’ll mention. It also has various customization options to enhance the experience.
  • Evernote Web Clipper : Evernote is one of the most amazing productivity tools we use, you can really capitalize on our personal and professional lives. With Evernote Web Clipper, we can maximize this experience through the browser to save the things we see on a particular website directly in our Evernote notebooks. It is itself a social networking tool, but is related to the ability to save and share then, for example, on Twitter.
  • Facebook Toolbar : similar to Facebook Touch Panel, allows us to integrate this plugin in your browser, many of the features and functions most popular social network, allowing us to save time of our day without having to go to Facebook. Would be surprised to know how much time is lost daily checking Facebook. This Toolbar can receive notifications, connect with friends, share buttons through the content we are watching, and more. It is one of the most comprehensive available extensions.
  • Echofon : applications but there are many, and we can use not only the Web version of the site but also many platforms like HootSuite and TweetDeck, among others, Echofon allows us to have a quick and effective access to our timeline, as well as updating with speed and allow us to interact and review our notifications. Access is very simple and really does not take up space, making it ideal for reviewing Twitter briefly and then continue with other tasks.
  • Shareaholic : this is one of the most interesting plugins for Firefox. It’s the way that’s really easy to share content across multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Also allows us to shorten URLs directly from the extension, making Shareaholic in really very complete suite for social networks.
  • Facebook New Tab : This plugin definitely make us lose more time in the office. Allowing us to access Facebook is rapidly through the creation of new tabs. This means that every time we are in the browser and tighten our keyboard shortcut to create a new tab, it will send us a Facebook like page.
  • HootSuite Hootlet : with this plugin we have access to one of the most important tools for managing social networks today. The call Hootlet HootSuite allows us, in short, easily share links. Recall that Hootsuite Premium users can access a personalized URL shortener track clicks allows efficiently (in the same way, for example, shortener and Google). It is an ideal tool if we complement it with the Web version of HootSuite.
  • Twitter Search : Twitter search engine but can be improved, this plugin allows you to use the browser search bar as a unique Twitter search, to find users and topics.
  • Rapportive : this extension we have already spoken that allows us to integrate social networking profiles to your Gmail account. So every time we receive a new mail can see the latest updates of a person, knowing what he’s, and have a complete profile instead of having the info offered Google (which is usually synchronized with Google+). It is one of the best productivity tools and could not miss such a list.
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