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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Social Networks |

10 Google Chrome Extensions for Community Managers

10 Google Chrome Extensions for Community Managers

We continue with our recommendations for Community Managers. Last week we present a series of smartphone applications that can be useful when we are working on the move. Today we are going to sit there and see how we can increase our productivity from the browser, with some recommendations ideals Chrome for Community Managers.

The point of our work is to be fast. Not only to adapt to market developments, we know that both Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing to keep the attention of your users, but to be aware of every move that happens in our networks. So any tool that will help us to save time is precious. These extensions will help us to be faster, and then focus on the creative aspect of our work.


We started with this application because Bitly is fundamental to our social networks and our productivity. If you can get a premium account, which also allows us to better track the statistics and create custom URLs that help position any brand, is ideal. Now, instead of wasting time copying and pasting the links we shorten the length of Bitly saves us time.

What it does is create a button in our browser that we synchronize our Bitly account. Then, every time we’re on a website that we tweet or share, just have to click the button to create a shortened URL that bitmark or copied easily. This, though not enough, we save a lot of time, and is an extension that can not miss in the PC of a Community Manager.

2. SocialBro

Analyze our Twitter community can be complicated when you consider that there is a platform with statistical tools. The services that can be hired are quite expensive and may be that our client is not interested in buying them. However, we can also choose cheaper options like SocialBro , which allows us, in some ways “download” our Twitter community to our Google Chrome.

With SocialBro can do things like search among our followers according to different variables such as description and location, filter the results according to the number of followers you have as to detect an opinion leader or relevant user, create lists of Twitter, detect Who we are following, who left us to follow or who has recently begun to do, and more. It is an ideal tool for the daily maintenance of the account.

3. Google Mail Checker

If we manage our work with a Google Apps account, not very helpful dismiss the notifications that we can receive. To lend a hand, the extension Google Mail Checker is ideal for those who are too busy with other tasks to go around noticing if they have new email. Without being an annoying desktop notification, this tool lets us know when we have new mail in our box.

What makes Google Mail Checker is showing Gmail icon next to the navigation bar, with the number of unread emails you have. When we see a new mail arrives, you can click to be redirected to our inbox to answer it quickly without distracting to see whether or not we have new mail. No need to re-emphasize the amount of time we lose checkeando our box.

4. Do It (Tomorrow)

This application is defined as the extension of tasks for procrastinators, but we disagree. Although also a very strong recommendation is to make Google Tasks lists, Do It (Tomorrow) also has a very attractive design that can help us organize better because it has dates and deadlines we can handle.

With Do It (Tomorrow) we can add tasks not only for today but also for tomorrow, hence its name as creative. Besides having a desktop application, we can complement it with the Chrome extension to save time. There are other similar extensions that help a lot especially with collaborative work. But if we want a more individual, Do It (Tomorrow) is for us.

5. Chat for Google

Another great product for our private Google account and your browser is one that allows us to stay connected all the time. Google Talk can be accessed not only through our Gmail account, but is also available on Google+ and as a desktop application. Now, if we want to have a desktop app, we can add the chat to our Chrome for staying connected. This can be done via Chat for Google , which also allows us to launch Hangouts also to have meetings.

One of my problems is that, often, when someone tells me I’m in the middle of something and I have the time to switch windows and answer. Things are different when we chat in the browser. So we can stay in touch with colleagues and clients without letting them waiting. As we said on other occasions, communication is crucial in this line of work, so an extension like this is ideal.

6. Drive Notepad

With the advent of Google Drive, we have a suite of cloud applications to take advantage. What better way than through a Chrome extension, to keep our records up to date? With Notepad Drive we have a fast text editor that allows us to synchronize our Drive account and, in this way, keep up to date with our colleagues.

Either because we are making a coverage or because we are in the midst of a brainstorming session, but necessary word I hate in this situation, it is important to have a notebook to have everything recorded. Drive Notepad can also be useful if you’re in the middle of a meeting, to avoid having to share our minutes later with the other attendees.

7. Yoono

A good way to keep all our networks is synchronized through Yoono . This suite of social networking is very useful and allows us to monitor everything from our browser: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn for more formal accounts that require an account as well. With Yoono can monitor everything that is going on without having to enter each of the platforms, so it’s a good way to synchronize.

With Yoono can display all updates that are made to our accounts, making our updates, reply comments, view notifications, add multiple accounts if you have more than one client, create different dashboards to better monitor, manage notifications, and more.

8. Google Calendar

Another key aspect of our work are the reunions. Whether team members, our customers or any other person, it is important to be aware of all we have to do to not superimpose meetings or, worse, forgetting that we have. Google Calendar is also an ideal tool for offers reminders as emails and notifications electróncios. And fortunately, we have also shaped extension.

This extension can display all our meetings and appointments, create new events, and one of the most interesting, the IP detection through our tour to tell us if we are close to where we have a meeting (similar to the function of GeoNotepad that I commented a while back). The display function is most useful because we can quickly see how our day comes.

9. Google Reader

We continue with the fundamental conditions for being a good Community Manager: always be informed. Especially if we handle an account that requires that we know the latest developments in all areas: music, technology, photography, or whatever. For this it is ideal to have an RSS reader connected to the most popular blogs. As to this, the extension of Google Reader is ideal.

With Google Reader extension we know when our favorite sites are updated, share the news with our friends and supporters, and click directly on the icon to be sent to Reader and read the full news. It is very useful, especially if we have to send current information daily.

10. Tweet Button

Finally, to close our list, we have to reconsider Twitter. Although today many sites have integrated a button to share directly, we can not take risks. With Tweet Button can add a Twitter button on every page to share quickly.

Over here we have emphasized speed, because it leaves us time to do other things or have more free time during the day. So have a Twitter button is essential: instead of having to take several steps to share something interesting, we can do it directly.

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