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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Mobile |

10 iOS applications for system administrators

10 iOS applications for system administrators

Today, tablets and smartphones allow us to connect with our office and our colleagues from virtually anywhere, providing us some mobility without losing availability (reply to a post, quickly review a document, etc.). In the event that, in our work, we address the management of information systems, mobile devices can save the occasional visit to our office or our data in allowing the execution of actions and remotely using a VPN connection our offices.

The range of tools available to perform tasks related to (remote access, virtual machine management, service monitoring, etc) is huge and, basically, we can find a number of options with which to configure our tool pane for both desktop and mobile devices. Last week we dedicate a few minutes to learn some tools for Android and, this time, we will continue walking down the same path but with iOS apps.

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 2 VMware vSphere Client for iPad is an interesting application that will help us manage the virtual servers that have deployed using VMWare. VMware solutions are widespread in business and, thanks to this client for iPad, we can manage our server cluster, monitor its “vital signs” (CPU consumption, memory and disk), stopping and starting virtual machines, testing Remote connectivity or hot migrations (moving a virtual machine from one physical server to another with no loss of service without a stop). An interesting application to manage the infrastructure of our company without having to walk glued to our table or lug around a laptop when we travel.

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 3 2X Client RDP / Remote Desktop is a free application that will allow us to make connections from your iPhone or iPad to our hosts that have enabled connection via remote desktop (using the RDP protocol ). Therefore, thanks to this application can connect to servers or computers with Windows operating systems and display from our mobile device your desktop and run applications remotely, opening the door to interventions on servers or remote work teams and management providing us home team without having the computer in front.

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 4 pTerm is a client for remote connections using SSH, Telnet or TCP from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to Unix-based servers (ie servers with a Linux distribution installed). The application is quite good and, to some extent, is very similar to Putty (in fact it is based on), one of the most popular desktop clients used SSH which also includes a browser (to avoid jumping to Safari ), we zoom in on the console terminal to expand what we are reading and, in the case of being users of iPad, you can connect a keyboard using Bluetooth.

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 5 Cisco Technical Support but is not formally a management application and therefore can not manage Cisco network electronics that we have deployed in our network, I found this application very interesting because it can be a useful reference when working with this equipment network. Cisco devices (switches, routers, access points, etc.) are present in many data centers and companies around the world and thanks to this application we can go deeper into their management because we have access to a huge bank of knowledge cases of use, support from Cisco, report incidents, access video tutorials and podcasts or news access.

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 6 iSSH – SSH / VNC Console is one of the most complete applications for that we can find if we want a client that remotely connect to a server and want to use your iPhone or iPod Touch our. The application offers multiple remote access options among which we find SSH, Telnet or even remote desktop (via RDP protocol). Among other features, the application includes multitasking support and keeps open connections up to 10 minutes without them cut and offer the option to connect to multiple servers at once (even using different protocols).

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 7 Ping is an application that has a paid version and other free (which can help us evaluate whether we make the expenditure in free version) with which we perform an interesting analysis of the state of the devices connected to our network. The application will focus on launching pings all IP addresses of a given range and, from there, we will show a kind of map you see that computers are turned on (those responding to ping) and what teams are disconnected . Also we will launch a ping a specific computer, make a connection via Telnet or even perform a traceroute to check the hops a data packet when establishing a communication (number of intermediate routers by passing packets data to send).

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 8 Subnet Calculator is an application that can support when performing IP address allocation to our network or divided into different segments. And how can we be of assistance? Subnet Calculator, as perhaps we can imagine from the name, is a calculator for IP networks with the divisions that make IP ranges into subnets, netmasks get to apply (including the mask in binary) or the number of hosts that we to be able to connect to that network.

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 9 Domain Scout is a curious application that will help us to be attentive to the movements taking place in the market for domains. With this application we can see, in a fast and easy, if a domain is free or, by contrast, is already registered (from WHOIS obtaining data relating to the holder thereof and the option to visit that website if For example, we intend to make an offer to purchase the domain you’re looking for).

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 10 Database Pro is an application designed for iPad with which database administrators can connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL, see the tables that contain records, may modify tables or records or even execute SQL statements on such databases. The application is very interesting and, of course, a good resource to work remotely and intervene (in fact includes a connection manager to go on keeping each database to which we have to connect).

10 iOS applications for system administrators image 11 Diet Coda is a paid app (perhaps somewhat excessive in price) designed to make things easier for developers who are working on the testing of an application or are by solving a problem from your iPad. The application provides a code editor that enables you to connect to remote servers that have and edit on the fly, files with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. The application is very interesting because it allows us to work remotely and resolve incidents in a very quick though, given that the spectrum of programming languages is something small, maybe the price is too high.

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