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10 online password generators

10 online password generators

are essential to have a secure online account. There are many ways in which we can engage our lives online, and have a weak password is one of them. What is a weak password? A key vulnerability, which can be determined without too much effort. It is also one of the most deeply rooted habits of web users. Birthdays, pet names, anniversary dates, are all favorites of surfers who always fall victim to security issues. While it is true that our passwords can be compromised in any way, such as with a hack general, on our side we have to take precautions to stay calm.

This can be done by generating a strong password, ie, a random combination of numbers, letters and characters that will help us to have more secure access to our accounts. We can do this ourselves, in fact, JJ presented us with a guide to improve the strength of your passwords for some months, or we can use in addition to other services that take care of it for us, so we do not have to think about it. The fact that they are random can generarnos more problems than if they were thought to consciousness, but it is also a necessity to create a strong password.

So, let’s review a range of services that allow us to generate passwords. How are you keys are somewhat hard to remember, we can also use a password manager that is secure enough for our standards and to always remember them and have them stored. We can also save them to a text file that is crifrado, so no one can access it except us.

  • PasswordLive : This service is relatively new, we can use a secret key word as the basis for generating a password between 8 and 64 characters. We can customize the number of characters, and whether it will or not numbers, capital letters, and special characters, among others.
  • Strong Password Generator : With this generator can also create keys with special characters, selecting from a drop down box the number of characters you want to have. The result is a very secure password, if somewhat hard to remember.
  • Random Generator : from comes this password generator, which allows us to generate multiple passwords for different services at the same time, a maximum of 100 for each generation. Just have to select the amount of characters, minimum 6, maximum 24 – but we can choose whether or not to include a special character, it comes by default.
  • Generate Password : With this generator we get into the world of so-called “pronounceable passwords” that are equally safe but easier to remember. In this case, the service we generated two passwords: a strong, completely random, and another pronounceable, which will help us to remember the password without compromising security.
  • Password Safe : This is a strong password generator very simple to use: basically do not have to select anything and the generator is responsible for doing all the work. We can choose two things: the type-letters and numbers, just numbers, special characters, and length-of 4-20 characters.
  • What’s My IP : This service is used to find out your IP address easily, but also have a password generation tool that allows us to generate random keys 8 and 12 characters. We have plenty of customization options, for example, prevent the password being entered characters with similar shapes as I, l, 1.
  • New Password Generator : on the same key style pronounceable, this service lets you create two types of passwords, which they call “easy to remember”, and a safe. On the left we see the password easily, a combination of letters and numbers that also is completely random, and on the other a strong password that is even more random.
  • Online Password Generator : This service guys have a philosophy, and it is, why have mega secure passwords that after we can not remember? So propose a simple service that lets you create keys with many customization options. It’s good if you do not want to have to save a huge amount of keys.
  • Norton Identity Safe : antivirus makers also offer us a password generator with many customization options, from quantity and type of characters to the number of letters and numbers that you want to include.
  • Phonetic Password Generator : close with this service that is based on phonetics to create easy to remember passwords but also safe. We enter a word and supposedly will generate an alternative to phonetic form. I entered several and the results have nothing to do with the original word. What perhaps makes it even safer.

Is there no desire to use any of these generators? Okay, but let’s not forget that the security of your passwords is very important. If we, for example, put “dog” as a password, seek alternatives as “P3r70 /”, without falling victim to social engineering.

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