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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

10 tips for a successful campaign on Facebook Ads

10 tips for a successful campaign on Facebook Ads

Making a successful campaign on Facebook is not easy. Many times, in addition to the generation of content do we hold a lot of users, we also need to consider other factors. One is through Facebook. For those who do not know, our data within are used to sell “better” platform to different advertisers. And if you are planning a campaign, we must also take into account many things typical of Facebook Ads. Advertising here is very different from the rest of the internet, has its own rules.

So if we are just beginning would not be a bad idea to have a guide on how to start. Facebook offers a tutorial for digital marketers, but is quite extensive and can sometimes cause a bit mareemos us. It is better to have all the bases covered and start with a brief guide, which is what we have prepared below.

  • Product Knowledge: Before you can plan a successful campaign, we need to know what it is. For this we meet with the client, review product specifications or campaign, and discover what the best way to communicate.
  • Segmentation: another important aspect of Facebook Ads is the ability it gives us to segment the audience for our advertising in a simple way. We can choose simple things like age or gender, preferences and titles to have been inserted in Facebook. Each of the variables that we insert in our profile can be used to segment a given ad. So, we have to know exactly who is meant a particular campaign.
  • Rules Knowledge: Facebook has certain rules to post an ad. What kind of pictures can be uploaded, content, and more. But most importantly we need to know is the character limit and the size of the picture that we can use to illustrate the ad. For example, the title, you have to be as aggressive as an advertisement, it can only be 25 characters, while the body of text has to be 90. We have limited space, so we have to use it in the best way.
  • Efficiency at maximum budget: and we have to use your head and write ads to target particular also have to share the budget wisely. For example, betting much a niche of users that we know will work, and invest less in a more general advertising. Or, if we want to maximize the money we are using a fanpage with a lesser amount of fans, use CPM instead of CPC, for example. The options are many.
  • Investigate other campaigns: what works and what does not work is known, and is portrayed countless times in success stories that spread in different advertising blogs. But beyond that, we can use our own Facebook account for how they are using Facebook Ads other brands. It is essential to ask: would click this ad? When we look at things that we are offering Facebook.
  • Image selection: the image is another important aspect. We only have 25 characters for a title seller and 90 to explain what we want. Therefore, the image will be the first thing that catches the user’s attention. So there has to be a good image, but that, of course, comply with regulations imposed by Facebook.
  • Use all the alternatives: the Social Ads can be effective, but they are not the only option we have. Facebook offers several formats for advertising, among which we should mention the Sponsored Stories, cheaper and almost as effective. Also allow us to have a higher rate of engagement with our users.
  • Performance testing: it is impossible to have a campaign that works just on the first pass. We have prepared several options and, most importantly, try to find out what is the format that works best.
  • Create multiple ads per week: users get bored of seeing the same ad over and over again. So, after a certain number of days, we can change the text or images, or both, of a notice to have better performance.
  • Use Facebook Insights to create better ads: Finally, one of the tools that we can use is Facebook Insights, which lets us know what kind of audience we have and what content is the most successful. This will allow us to better segmentation of our advertising and reach more users.
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