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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

10 tips to start a web project itself

10 tips to start a web project itself

Start a project, whether on the web, in “real life” or anywhere else, is something that has to be planned carefully. Although often read several stories of “miracles” that happen with websites and projects become a success overnight, not because the stars aligned but because there is a lot of behind. I understand that many people should be reading this because they want to start their projects, or want to refine the strategies being followed if you have just started. I must say that there is a recipe that says that the things we do are right or wrong, but I can give some advice.

First of all, start a web project requires seriousness and commitment, and to know in advance that you may not receive any return on a good time while we have to work harder than anyone for our project to proceed. If you are looking for instant gratification thinking maybe we can go into something else. Moreover, having a web-project features that are-not the same as saying “I will start a blog on WordPress” or “have a Tumblr to upload photos of kittens.” Again, the key is seriousness: we may be talking about an application, an online service, a news portal. It is not a hobby but a project.

  • Ponte objectives: before starting a personal project we must know what we want. What are our goals? What do we achieve? Perhaps with the passage of time these goals change, but it is important to keep in mind and start planning our project with them in mind.
  • Define your strategy: how are we going to take? This is also very important to boot. It also serves to identify mammoth projects that may not be performed by one person or a small group of collaborators. It also helps to know how long we will take to do, what we do first, and other details that must be defined before launching himself into the project.
  • Know in advance who will speak and who will be your user: our project we are doing for someone, even to ourselves. We are talking to a “perfect user” and so we have to know exactly who we speak. I do not mean that we have to make a detailed survey of the market, but only get a character user model in the head, we’ll be ready.
  • Check your budget: can we start a personal project with nothing in his pocket. As you may also have a minimum budget to do some things. Think smart ways to invest that budget. Hire more employees, we make an AdWords campaign, or hire a designer who has more knowledge than us. Or to plan a launch party. All this should be related to the time of project we’re linking out-I am always in favor of some online advertising.
  • Hire employees: if the budget that we have a space to hire employees, do it. Although it is a “personal project” does not mean we can not have other people on board. Which brings us to our next point.
  • Request feedback on your ideas: it is ideal to have other opinions to improve what we are doing. I think when we spend too much time doing something, thinking about one thing, we tend to lose a little perspective. Watched our project with fresh eyes may be the best thing that has happened. There can only be those who think our employees, but family, friends, and later, users.
  • Generates communication channels: we must have a way to communicate with people who read us, using our product, or we just want to say something. So we have to enable communication channels. Obviously we have social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter, but also a contact email or a contact form. You can not miss.
  • Learn from similar projects: imitation is not good, but look at projects that are similar to ours we can serve as inspiration to improve what we are doing.
  • Raises growth: this is related to the objectives, but is perhaps a little less holistic and more numerical. We can make a spreadsheet where we set, for example, the number of visits ideals that we want to have in about a year, the number of users, and more. We must bear in mind always grow, that our project is made known, that really have a utility. But we have to have the numbers to prove it later.
  • Ponte times not to work too: finally, personal projects may even consume more time than imagined. What may be harmful to our sleep, especially if you have a job “normal” we do not want to neglect while working on other things in our spare time. So it is worth muster a work schedule not to overburden.

Do you have a personal project and want to share their own experiences? Or leave a link? Go ahead, we hope in the comments.

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