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10 useful Android apps for System Administrators

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators

Whether professionally or just for pleasure or to learn new things, people dedicated to managing information systems is usually done with a set of tools with which to gain remote access to your servers, monitor any type of incident , manage deliveries, report bugs and faults detected or analysis of network traffic. The range of tools that can be found is very broad and, in one time or another, we have taken the time to comment on some general options or even specific to Windows .

Mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones, have become tools to work every day and with which even we can administer our systems, in fact, mobile devices (where we can set up a VPN connection with our office) offer the opportunity for remote intervention and without that we have to use the office computer or move it (thus giving us more flexibility and capacity for action).

In the case of having a mobile device based on Android, Google Play can find a good number of that can help us manage our server park, report errors, network analysis, or even monitoring tasks . A few weeks ago we talked about inSSIDer , an application which could help us to improve our network and Wi-Fi that can supplement with some more tools:

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 2 HP iLO Mobile is a free application developed by HP, which allows us to control our Proliant servers (those manufactured by HP) using the Integrated Lights-Out functionality, ie remote management. With this application we can apply changes to the BIOS of the server, launch scripts, access the web interface of iLO management server, mount the image of an operating system from a USB to installation and some tasks that will facilitate the management much no need to “keep warm” in the data center. The application supports VPN connections, therefore, we can establish a secure tunnel between our mobile device and our servers to work from anywhere.

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 3 Redmine is an interesting application that offers a mobile client for Redmine, a popular tool for monitoring development projects (although it is also used in projects of various kinds) in which, in addition to the planning and execution of the project, we report incidents with bugs or even can manage project deliverables. While Redmine is a web application, we can work with this client in a much more comfortable and we can centralize up to 10 instances of Redmine (if for example we work for multiple clients).

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 4 Web Monitor is a paid app (though it has free version that inserts advertising) that allows us to monitor our websites. The application periodically performs HTTP requests to web pages that we indicate and timed the response time (until a timeout and assume that the website is down). These types of applications are interesting because if we are not connected to a VPN, we are monitoring our web pages externally, that is, from the point of view of the users and combining this information with that of an internal monitoring where we try to discern the problem is when a light web (server crash, connection problems, etc.)

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 5 Unagi Nagios client on android is an application that provides a customer of Nagios for devices, ie, we can check the status of our servers using this application and connect well to the Nagios monitoring panel that we have deployed in our office or on our data center. Given that, in the event of a fall, Nagios can flood us with alarm emails, with this customer can view all the information in a very comfortable.

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 6 ConnectBot is another application that should be present in our mobile device if we act remotely on any of our servers. This application offers an SSH client with which we can connect, securely to our servers (Linux or Unix) and, in fact, we can establish multiple sessions in parallel. With these applications can remotely access the server console and make a statement without having to go through the office (even if we can not fix anything maybe we get to go through the job but at least we can try to do with our mobile terminal).

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 7 2X Client RDP / Remote Desktop is a free application that offers the ability to connect remotely to a desktop, that is, we can use a remote desktop connection (using RDP) and control from your mobile device, for example, the team Windows to our table or a server running Windows Server. The application is pretty good, especially considering it is free, and offers the ability to view full screen desktop without penalizing much bandwidth consumed.

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 8 SysMonitor for SAP is an application-oriented system administrators based on SAP ERP (which is widely used in large corporations and multinationals). SAP ERP is a very powerful program that can process and, through this application, you can view the status of the same as well as monitor system activity (connected users, devices that are using it, etc) and to visualize error output of the application.

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 9 Network Discovery is a useful tool that helps you draw a map of the various teams that are connected to our network since it gives us the ability to scan our Wi-Fi network to discover various connected devices and ports that are open. A useful helper to verify that there are no “teams intruders” in our network and, incidentally, be that our computers are not “at risk” in the ports are open because they do not control.

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 10 Drupal Editor is a very useful application though, being strict, is not intended to manage systems as it offers an editor for Drupal based websites. Not always all web pages are adapted to work with mobile devices, such as a publication or correct an existing one detail can become a heavy task. With the idea of making us work a little easier, this extension (in the same way that WordPress for Android) provides an editor with which to connect to our website and manage content without having to work from our mobile device browser ( but, yes, we will have support for these connections on our website).

10 useful Android apps for System Administrators image 11 TiNag is another client for Nagios with which, moreover, can integrate based monitoring systems Icinga . The idea is that if we manage servers from multiple data centers, which in turn are monitored by various Nagios or Icinga instances, we can centralize all information under one control panel on your mobile device, in addition, we can see from the desktop of your Android device using widgets. The application fee is but we can make an occasional test using the free demo version is also available.

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