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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

10 ways to use Google Calendar to the maximum

10 ways to use Google Calendar to the maximum

are many. We have them in all shapes and colors, but when it comes to the digital world, I think generally we are satisfied with the default calendar that comes in our email. Luckily, all we use Gmail are accompanied by a powerful calendar with many functionalities, which do not always take advantage accordingly. So today we have assembled a list of 10 ways to use Google Calendar to increase our productivity.

Ways to do this are in the same Google Calendar, which actually has a very interesting collection of Labs. Only three have chosen to focus on other boards, but may be reviewed from first set (the wheel-shaped icon located in the upper right corner) to see all options.

  • Automatically decline: there are days when we are busy and we simply can not go to meetings. That does not mean that people do not invite us. So to save a step can trigger a Google Calendar Lab that automatically rejects arriving events to our calendar at the moment we are not available. Activated from the settings in the sector Labs
  • Sync Calendar with Tasks: and I talked about how you can use Google Tasks to increase our productivity . Although I like to remain as simple as possible, the truth is that we can add Tasks delivery dates to our tasks. And we can synchronize Calendar that have setuid. Under “My Calendars” on the right side panel, you can select add Tasks as parallel timetable.
  • Share Calendars: the most important of a service like is not only that we can remember the things we have to do and the places you can go. Can also be easily invite others who have a Google account. This is very simple and does not need to synchronize different services, for example. They invite people from inside the event, with the Invite button. Users can then customize the way they remember the event, without us having to worry.
  • Use relevant times: the Google calendar shows all day. This means that we can see from Monday to Friday, 24 hours, all our appointments. Chances are that we have nothing to do on a Tuesday at 3 in the morning, so we have the option to delete these schedules calendar. It is done with a Lab called “Hide Morning and Night”. So also we do not get jobs after working time ends.
  • Shortcuts: just as Gmail has keyboard shortcuts that are very useful to save time while navigating its interface, Calendar also allows us to be more productive using only our keyboard. To change the view between day, week and month, we can use the keys A, W, M (day, week, month, respectively). With Q we can add an appointment quickly.
  • Different times: we have meetings with people located in other time zones? There should be no problem. With Google Calendar we can set two different times of meetings and leave no room for confusion. To do this we have to enter the Setup (or Settings) on the General tab. Here we find our zone and we can add one more.
  • Daily Reminders: besides the usual e-mail reminders and pop ups within Calendar, we can choose the platform that we send a “daily schedule” every day tasks and appointments that we have pending. This can be enabled from the Notifications tab in Setup. The option is called “Daily Agenda”.
  • Attachments: other interesting Lab is available for Google Calendar allows attachments to our events. So, if we have a meeting and attendees need a document review before going, we can attach. Again, since the configuration is activated, selecting “Attachments of Events”.
  • Sync with Thunderbird : Mozilla has an excellent client called Thunderbird emails, of which we have already spoken on several occasions because of its customization capabilities through plug-ins. We can maximize our calendar even when we are using Thunderbird, from this and from the mobile application, thanks to extensions called Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar.
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