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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Technology |

2013, the year of the “intelligent roads” in the Netherlands

By the middle of next year will be launched in the a different and unique project aimed at improving existing energy resources and energy expenditure. In 2013 starts a design project that will offer new intelligent roads that shine on the road with lights that turn on and off at passing vehicles.

Roosegaarde Daan, the designer behind the concept that will be launched, explained the origin of the idea:

One day I was sitting in my car and I was surprised by these roads that cost millions and nobody seems to care how they look and how they behave. I began to imagine a future where Route 66 technology leap from the computer screen and becomes part of us.

With that introduced The Smart Highway project in the Best Future Concept Dutch thereof being winning and becoming few months the concept a reality. A project where the study of road markings Roosegaarde replaced by technology that uses sunlight and then glow in the dark of night. A technology which applies a special paint that glows in the dark.

A particular paint that can also be used for paint markers on the road surface (ie snowflakes), when the temperature falls, the markers are visible warning the driver of the situation.

The province of Brabant will be the first to install the first few hundred meters of light in the dark in the middle of 2013. Then move into a second phase which will be implemented in priority lanes for electric vehicles, interactive lights that light up the passage of vehicles and finally wind lights on a project that will last for the next five years.

And according to the study, the idea is not only use more sustainable methods of lighting on major roads (that will make them safer and more efficient), but redesigning own roads and vehicles. The study believes that the future lies in car navigation systems and interactive road connected internal as those with. A future where energy expenditure and efficient use of the road is much like in vehicles.

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