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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Internet, Mobile |

3 tools to control data consumption in Android

3 tools to control data consumption in Android

Applications and services that have accessible from tablets and smartphones, in many cases, are designed to be constantly connected to the Internet, push through, check any update or novelty that requires us to be notified (new emails, new mentions in Twitter messages, Facebook , etc). All this plus the data traffic of our own activity, unless we are connected to a Wi-Fi, the bonus is consumed data we have contracted with our operator (in the case of a bond contract) and in many cases , exceed this threshold usually involves some kind of penalty on the invoice.

With a view to better control consumption and data from our terminal, for example, set alerts to be prevented from over-consumption (and, therefore, billing), you may want to resort to some kind of control application Keep track of the terminal’s data and help us to moderate our expenditure maximizing the traffic that we hired. For , within Google Play can find a number of applications to virtually meet any type of need and, in the case of wanting to control the traffic consumed, we can also find a good choice.

With the idea of giving an effective use of the data connection on our phone, we will take a moment to learn three Android applications with which we can control our consumption and, in turn, make the most of the connection we have no need to pay any penalty for consuming more than they have hired:

3 tools to control data consumption in Android image 2 3G Watchdog is a very interesting option to control our data consumption in Android. The application, which by the way is free, offers a comprehensive dashboard view in which we studied traffic (total, through Wi-Fi networks and networks), set alarm thresholds (when we are close to the limit above) or browse a list of traffic consumed each day (and thus locate was the day when we use the “excess” our connection).

3 tools to control data consumption in Android image 3 Call Meter 3G is another alternative that, perhaps, is much more complete than the last. In this case Call Meter 3G monitor ensures, inter alia, consumption data tnemeos but additionally also keeps track of sent messages (MMS and SMS) or outgoing calls. Thus, within the application will always have a complete record of activity and could help us face to detect excessive use.

3 tools to control data consumption in Android image 4 My Data Manager is another alternative when data measure the activities of our smartphones or Android tablet with which, in addition to analyzing the use of terminals, we find what are the consumer applications have, how we connect to the network ( GPRS, 3G or Internet), set up alerts (when we are near the limit we have assigned) and all under a very simple to use.

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