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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Internet, Technology |

339 Gbps, the new data transfer record

339 Gbps, the new data transfer record

It has again broken the speed for data transfer. Researchers at Caltech (California Institute of Technology), working with members of the University of Victoria (Canada), the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University and Brookhaven National Lab have reached the 339 Gbps.

They smashed the record for 2011, which stood at 186 Gbps through a connecting fiber optic on a single cable. The new top made this year has been achieved by a different configuration, with three simultaneous connections. Also raised the beat the record of a year ago with a similar setup on a single cable, significantly surpassing: 187 Gbps on a connection between Victoria (Canada) and Salt Lake City (USA).

The numbers are far from home broadband connections usual, especially the figures obtained in Spain and Latin American countries, with capacities lower than in other regions such as the North American, Asian, or continental Europe. There are data speeds navigation and published Lazalde Alan talking about insignificant broadband in Latin America :

  • Spain, 394 KBps
  • Chile, 288 KBps
  • Mexico, 237 KBps
  • Colombia, 183 KBps
  • Peru, 161 KBps
  • Argentina, 132 kbps
  • Ecuador, 126 KBps
  • Venezuela, 122 KBps
  • Brazil, 105 KBps

On the other hand, there are countries with faster connection speeds in the world, which of course still be found at a distance abysmal record of 2012:

  • South Korea, 2202 KBps
  • Romania, 1,909 KBps
  • Bulgaria, 1611 KBps
  • Lithuania, 1,463 KBps
  • Latvia, 1,377 KBps
  • Japan, 1,364 KBps
  • Sweden, 1,234 KBps
  • Ukraine, 1,190 KBps
  • Denmark, 1,020 KBps
  • Hong Kong, 992 KBps

For fall 2013, is expected to achieve data transfers at a rate of 1 Tb per second over wide-range networks. Expected improvements resulting in home and corporate networks to higher speed and the speed increase especially in the countries on the list have worse connections. In ExtremeTech you can see the graph of infrastructure that have been used to achieve the record.

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