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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

4 creative ideas to improve engagement in social networks

4 creative ideas to improve engagement in social networks

One of the main purposes of the administration of social networking is to increase the existing or engagement we have with our users. To improve our levels of conversation with users, we have to have creative ideas that have not been exploited by other brands or by our competitors, especially by our competition, and maximize the tools we have at hand, depending on the budget that we driving. Today, we are going to present four creative ideas to improve engagement with our fans in different social networks.

1. Hangouts, videoconferencing and video-responses

It’s amazing the power that is taking the video these days. Just yesterday we mentioned that one of the most interesting features of the brand new community of Google+ is the ability to start a hangout or hangout with our users. The opportunity provided by the video can be exploited to generate both special-content such as tutorials or notices, as well as to generate answers to user queries we are doing. Rather than through text, we can generate a response video or video response.

Another interesting proposal to increase participation in our channels are videoconferencing, you can do so through a hangout as well as across different platforms. Whether it’s a video of a band playing a song live as streaming presentation of a product, the video has proved more yielder than other forms of communication, especially in the area of Social Media. Done creatively, we can use it as a bastion of our strategy.

2. Social Games

Another of the strengths of social networks is the possibility of giving us just “socializing” games. Through simple mechanics, we can replicate the success of some of the most important applications to generate unique content. While it is true that the development of a game of this nature require a budget more interesting, you can achieve success. We have to think they are mechanical attractive to our users, but at first they do not consume too much of your time. It’s a matter of hooking.

Now the games can also be a great way to present products. Users are accustomed to simple landing pages with information release, but we can get a lot more interaction if to all this we add a game. The possibilities are endless.

3. Playlists

Music can also function as a meeting point with our users. For this, the Twitter platform gives us more opportunities because it has tools to propagate faster feedback from our users, such as through the RT. We can think of themed playlists according to the day, song lists for Friday, and more, built entirely through the collaboration of our users. If it became a habit, we are hoping to get our action, instead of looking for ways to increase the engagement. Whom we would expect them to us.

4. Special gifts and deals

A few weeks ago we mentioned a Facebook Offers as an excellent way to establish a relationship with our users . We are giving a differential value only for being our social followers, and this is important. We have many ways to create deals, Facebook is quite flexible at least for now, and can be leveraged to establish a relationship in which we “reward” to followers on social networks.

The offers and exclusive gifts for fans is a great way to improve engagement, ensuring loyalty. While it is true that users may become demanding over time, we also have to have the character to keep them at bay. It is definitely a good deed, with creative touches that can help us maintain conversations increasingly interesting and rewarding for the brand.

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