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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

4 practical uses for Twitter Favorites

4 practical uses for Twitter Favorites

One of the most interesting things we can find on is the general range of functionality “ignored” by users or used in such diverse ways that actually lose sight of its original purpose. A few weeks ago we presented some creative uses of Twitter lists , you can use the Social Media management. Today we’re going to move to the side of the Favorites, an enigmatic feature that has not defined a specific use, and therefore gives us many opportunities.

I’ll admit that in the beginning, and from my personal account, the favorites of Twitter I proved too attractive. What’s this? A derivative of the Likes of Facebook? How I can post? I chose to forget and not make too much, and in that way he was able to appreciate the ways in which ordinary users-important-differentiate brands were using the functionality. On the one hand we have users using favorites as a kind of marker, for example, when using the mobile version of Twitter and want to read something more quiet.

This may be an option. Another option is more normal, like, “I liked what you wrote and so, you favoriteo the tweet.” And I also discovered that sometimes, some people just do not have answers for things that are saying and you are selected as a to not have to answer. It is a complex animal, where actions depend on many factors but can be typed. Undoubtedly, other people should use the favorites of other forms. But how can we use as a trademark?

Actually, everything depends on a single decision: whether we will use the favorite tool or not. After that, the question is to know how we can do it. And here I think is a completely personal matter. However, we will give some advice on the uses of the favorites when we are managing Twitter for a brand. As always, you are invited to give their suggestions and concerns in the comments.

  • As markers: this is to use “traditional” favorite of Twitter. If we find worthwhile information note, we can make that tweet as a favorite to store for later. This can be useful for generating content and reports, where we have everything stored in the Twitter site instead of having to generate an alternative, for example. It can also be used to generate reports of competition -just make sure you’re not using the account of the mark where the tweets marked as favorite competition.
  • To generate engagement with users: a key way to generate engagement is to humanize the Twitter account, show that we are not robots but humans who are managing. Therefore, it is important that we have a similar behavior to others, not only with our tweets and responses, which in no way have to be automated, but also with our actions. Retweets and favorites have to be part of our strategy if we want a more personalized account. We bring our users.
  • For monitoring of cases: just yesterday we talked about the social media accounts that work well as customer service centers . Using bookmarks, the same way we can store links like markers also allow us to store queries and complaints. It’s something that has to be done carefully, because a sensitive case can take a “favoriteo” as a joke rather than a stock with the intention of helping. If this is explained to the customer, can work.
  • To identify opinion leaders to get more Twitter followers is essential to identify an opinion leader to help us spread the account. This can be done by paying or establishing or strengthening emotional ties to that user. It seems difficult but once we do will be like having another friend. In this case, mark their tweets as favorites not only improves the engagement but also allows us to identify these people and then work with them in the future.

I recommend not using all these options at the same time, because then we will have no way to distinguish what belongs to each category. In addition, you can search for alternative uses, but it is better to stick to a single use to facilitate work-this is also important if we work with colleagues in a single account.

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