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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 alternatives to FileZilla

5 alternatives to FileZilla

FileZilla is one of the most popular clients. For those who do not know, is what allows us to move files to a FTP in a very personalized. We can transfer very large files of several GB for example, but also allows the transfer is done in a very intuitive way through the drag and drop method. It also allows you to edit files remotely and configure the transfer speed limits, among other things. But we’re not here to talk about FileZilla, but better than the alternatives.

is a free FTP client, so we can be no excuses when asking them to try alternatives. But tastes are varied, and this program may not be meeting all the demands that we make. We may also be dissatisfied with its interface. Therefore, we present a list of 5 applications that serve to replace it within FileZilla and all have the same or similar functionality.


Designed for users of Mac OS X, its main disadvantage is the fact that it is free. After a trial period of 7 days we will have to pay to continue enjoying some features, but the spirit of the application-file transfer to a FTP-remains the same. Another notable features of Transmit is its transmission rate, which with its latest update, go to version 4 – it becomes 25 times faster than the previous version.

Its main features include:

  • Different views for easy searching and file transfer with drag and drop method.
  • Address Bar to always know where in the record we find.
  • Deployable folders to access files without leaving your home directory.
  • Ability to add labels to folders just as you can do in the Finder on Mac OS X.
  • Progress bar to know what state is the transfer
  • Switch protocols FTP panel.
  • Ability to mount disks in the Finder list to easily access them and transfer files more quickly.


One of the stronger alternatives, Cyberduck has an easy to use, intuitive and available to anyone who needs it. In addition to officiating as an FTP client, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and more, also allows us to store files in the cloud-like in Google Drive. It is also completely free and open, and is ideal for those just starting to get into the world of FTP clients. The ability to integrate with the cloud is the most attractive you have.

Its features are:

  • Ability to integrate with cloud storage
  • Synchronization with file editor to edit documents directly without having to copy to a local directory
  • Possibilities powerful file search
  • File Transfer Facilities (with support for Growl)
  • Authentication and security, interoperability and more


This application is for the more minimalist. It offers powerful functionality and integration with other services such as those mentioned above, but as a Firefox extension focuses exclusively on transferring files to an FTP. It has lot of features, but does its job well. For those who simply want to transfer is the ideal choice, since it takes up almost no space and can be accessed from the browser. It is also completely free.

What can we expect from FireFTP ?

  • Support for FTP, TLS, and SFTP with a strong encryption similar to that used in home banking sites, for example
  • Directory Synchronization constant, even when we are sailing
  • Editing remote files with our choice programs
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface to save time
  • File compression with MODE Z
  • Support for proxy and FXP
  • Support for IPv6


Another free client-but falls well behind in issues of interface-is WinSCP . It is also very intuitive to be used by inexperienced users, but powerful enough to be included in this list. Only be used in Windows, we are offended Maquera-but it is a feasible alternative.

Its features are:

  • Integrated text editor
  • Browser interface but also with dual view
  • Encrypting multiple files simultaneously to increase security
  • Drag and drop interface to improve file transfer
  • Can be operated as a plugin in other file managers
  • Directory Sync quasi-customizable automated.


Finally, to close the list we have SmartFTP . Similar to WinSCP for your browser view, is an effective option, though we have our reasons for putting it at the end of the list, because it lacks the more advanced features that we see in other programs of this post. It may be a good choice for maintaining web sites that need updates followed, and comes in different versions according to our needs.

We find functionality-vary with the version we download-:

  • Intuitive graphical interface, very simple to use, with drag and drop mode to transfer files
  • Automatic synchronization of files and folders while we are working
  • Support for IPv6
  • Integrated text editor to increase the speed of work
  • Remote File Editing
  • Local browser on the computer using
  • Rename files in group
  • Support for proxy and firewall
  • Powerful search files on the server

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