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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 calendars to iPad to improve your productivity

5 calendars to iPad to improve your productivity

Although the has a native application that acts as calendar-and having synchronization with iCal and Google Calendar, we have other ways to keep our schedules and appointments organized using the Apple device. Applications to optimize the use of the calendar are not lacking, so we will do a review of the 5 that we like. As always, please leave your suggestions in the comments.

Pocket Informant HD

This is one of our favorite applications that combines Google Calendar and iCal with the full power of an efficient task organizer. If we are to use then we also have to have an organized list of tasks according to priorities. Therefore, we can synchronize with Pocket Informant also task lists, contact information, take notes, and obviously use the calendar, could not be otherwise. If we have more products of Apple, we can synchronize between different devices.

Ideal for: Heavy users of calendars, especially Google Calendar, you have multiple Apple devices to synchronize.
Cost: $14, 99

World Calendar

When making a calendar application, is not enough just to offer functionality that we can get anywhere. We have to provide a differential value. And developers of World Calendar found in the many differences that can be found in different countries, making it ideal for those who have to travel a lot for work. World Calendar, as well as allowing the service to synchronize with Google Calendar and create different calendars at the same time, it also acts as currency converter, and gives the weather forecast for the city that will make the appointment.

Ideal for: People who have to travel a lot for business.
Cost: $4, 99


CalPad is an application for those with too many tasks, and thus handle a larger number of calendars to the common user. With this application we can combine different calendars into one to be able to have a single view of the week-and, for example, avoid superimposing different appointments. It also has an integration service tasks if we are users of Google Tasks. Finally, one of the most interesting things we offer is a calculator that allows us to assess whether we can do a certain task or not, based on calculating remaining free time we have and the other tasks we have to accomplish in a given week.

Ideal for: people who work freelance or have several jobs, so they move with multiple calendars
Cost: $9, 99

Quick Calendar

If we use more of our calendar reminders tool as a way to organize different meetings we have, then a good option is Quick Calendar. With this tool you can manage your events and tasks that we have pending in a fast, besides being able to take notes and have many customization options.

Ideal for: Users who do not give much importance to the calendar but need to use reminders.
Cost: $2, 99


Finally, the last item on our list is Agendus, a powerful suite of different features that not only allows us to integrate our schedule but our tasks and other productivity tools we use. The idea is to centralize everything in one application to be more efficient and less time dividing our earrings in different applications. It also has some nice features like “the phrase of the day”, the weather forecast, and historical things that happened on a particular day.

Ideal for: Calendars intensive users, especially Google Calendar.
Cost: $9, 99

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