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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 creative uses for electronic books, or ebooks

5 creative uses for electronic books, or ebooks

The are becoming increasingly popular. Not only because it popularizes the eBook reader, with arrival rates and worldwide. And not just because more and more titles are added to the catalogs of the most popular stores. In fact, the devices are designed for reading ebooks increasingly versatile, and we propose uses that were not envisioned by the inventors. If you have not been heavily involved in the world of ebooks, fear not: it’s actually very easy. But the more we engage with our readers, the more we will want to get out.

As we said, the devices for reading ebooks are becoming more modern. So, in addition to support for the most popular formats of eBooks for Kindle-mobi, ePUB for the rest, PDF and TXT, etc.-also added features like a full web browser, calendar, task managers, and more. These devices look more like tablets than anything else, and even the iPad has its own store, iBooks, and support for reading. In this environment, it is clear that emerging anytime creative ways to use our ebooks, that is what we will discuss today.

In short, the ebook is one more way to store and transmit information. It is a file format, and as such, we have many different ways to create, either in the cloud, or quickly with some desktop software. We will not speak of the uses that can give the reader, because the hardware is not for us. What we’re going to say is that the battery lasts a long time reader more than a Smartphone or a tablet like the iPad. We have some ideas to implement even in less modern readers-I own a 4, for example-and that we will share below.

  • Reminders: the importance of reminders has been stressed by several times ourselves. We rely on our memory to a certain extent. If readers are bitter and always carry with us our device, then have our list of reminders in our reader is as simple and useful. With Calibre can convert a Word or. txt extension to our liking, and have it on hand.
  • Minutes of meetings: meetings always have a practice for many is annoying, and taking minutes. It’s basically a compilation of the issues that have been addressed and resolutions to which it has been. To have them always at hand, we can again convert the file to Word in order to bring them with us, and review them in electronic ink display beautiful of our readers while we’re returning from a meeting or going to the next without having to turn on the computer.
  • College Notes: the technology is also being cast in academia, with many university texts also available electronically. If we read an academic book on our reader, then we can also convert the notes we took in class or digitize content via PDF. Many readers do not support PDF, Kindle one, but again we can use a converter like Calibre to take our notes on hand and study in the same way we read.
  • Shopping Lists: again, an idea staunchest readers. I’ve seen people reading in line at the supermarket, so it’s not a bad idea to carry our shopping list in the ebook reader. Although a Smartphone can be a better option, is a completely valid. Again, we can write in the desired format and convert comfortable with Calibre.
  • Bank statements, from the screen of our home banking can download our summary of the bank account or credit card and carry it with us in the reader. Many times we are given the option to download in PDF, so it would be compatible with many readers. Anyway, you can quickly transform into another format.

As we said, these are just a few uses. The versatility is proposed in the e-book reader also has its limitations, and the format. But if we look for simplicity and convenience of text that can bring us the use of a device like this, we can find more ideas to exploit every day. Imagination is our limit.

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