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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mac OS X |

5 email clients for Mac

5 email clients for Mac

Just a few days after the departure of Gmail 2.0 for iOS , now tried and found a fantastic application , we started to think about the choices we have Mac users do not have a Mac App Store application on it’s own them, but recently bought Sparrow and added some features to his new mobile version. With this in mind, and trying not to mention is a fantastic product and we hope that Google will not ruin it, ‘prepare a list with five clients that we can use in the Mac environment.


This great app is one of our favorites, and we’ve talked about it several times. It has a lot of plugins to customize the experience, until, for example, allow us to increase our productivity . We started well with Thunderbird because it’s completely free, something that can not be seen very often in OS X, and it works perfectly well for heavy users of email. If we can not live without Gmail connected, but we want to save the browser tab is a great choice.

It is an open source client-originally developed by Mozilla, until he decided to give it to the community – that may not have the same amount of updates that until recently, but it’s really worth. It has support for IMAP/POP3 accounts, and his aesthetic is inspired by the Mozilla browser, Firefox. Thanks to a tabbed interface, we can save the windows open and save resources on the computer, too. It may not be the prettiest of the market, but we can try if you have no interest in spending money on another application.


MailTab is an application that is both free and paid-PRO version enables other features more intensive-and although it can be considered an actual customer, yes we can help answer our emails faster. Its operation is very simple. What it does is install an icon in our menu bar to alert notifications through when we receive a new one. When we click on this bar, can be taken to Gmail where you can read and reply to mail.

But this is not its only function, because that simply can enable desktop notifications for Chrome, but it also allows us to compose new emails through the icon, leading to an editor where you can type without having to open another client or the same browser. These are the features that can be managed directly from the icon, if we want things more “complicated”, so to speak, we can also enter to Gmail from there. This application is ideal for users who are not intensive, and only have to manage one account, usually of a personal nature.


For those who are really fans of the Gmail interface, Mailplane is the application of choice. What makes this client is “migrating” Gmail interface to this application, which is also very helpful to not have to go looking for the same functionality in a new customer, and we have applied the changes you make to Gmail directly from its source. For example, we have access to Priority Inbox in the same way you can open it from the browser.

If we feel uncomfortable, have an interface almost identical to Gmail can be a good gateway to the world of e-mail clients. But it is not simply insert an iframe where the Gmail interface, but also have other interesting features such as synchronization with Evernote to take along with our notes and a feature to make screenshots and automatically attach a email. It costs U $ S24, 99, which is an investment considering the functionality, but it is very interesting and ideal for those just end up buying a Mac can, however, get a test application for 30 days know if we need to.


Postbox is, in my opinion, one of the best alternatives to Sparrow we can find in the market. As this client, Postbox also has support for labels and archiving, two of the most used by Gmail users, but also sync with Google Calendar to detect when we mentioned a potential date in a mail to add to our agenda. This is one of its strongest points. It also has a notification system Growl-if we have, that’s how we’re going to find, and the ability to be alerted when we receive a new mail.

It supports POP / IMAP so you can not only use but also with Yahoo! Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter to keep you informed about the adventures of our friends. Finally, LinkedIn has support allowing us to not only send emails but also make updates on social networks, a feature that we see repeated in increasingly new applications-you can not miss. Finally, it also has integration with Dropbox, to send attachments that have a weight that exceeded the limit, and with Evernote, to save our post as a note.


We close our list MailMate an IMAP client that is an excellent choice when we are looking for a powerful business tool. It supports multiple accounts, according to Dynamic Signature chain mails that we have, and offline access to not having to rely on an internet connection. And finally has a search feature that allows you to search according to text that is present in the body of the mail, names, email accounts, and in the quoted text. It also has a very attractive interface where you can customize the types of panels that we have.

But MailMate is one of the more expensive options we are presenting at U $ S29, 99. It is an excellent alternative if we have to manage multiple accounts, so you can be a good business partner. It is also a good replacement Sparrow, if you do not want to stay with a program that is likely to become obsolete if Google does not do anything with it, which is one of the main fears. So, make this small investment is justified only if we have to use it as a working tool.

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