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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

5 extensions to enjoy over Tumblr in Chrome

5 extensions to enjoy over Tumblr in Chrome

Tumblr is one of the most popular services that we can find on the net with which to start a blog in a very simple (and especially easy to manage). On you can find all kinds of content, and depending on our tastes and interests, we can find so much information and publications to follow that our productivity can suffer.

Managing a blog on Tumblr is very simple, but even so, we can further enjoy this service when combined with Google Chrome and some of the many extensions that are available which further enhance the benefits of this service. A few months ago my partner Eduardo showed 5 extensions that improved the user experience of Tumblr browser from Google and today we will follow this path and taking the time to meet with the other five extensions to enjoy more of this platform.

  • Tumblr Dashboard is a simple extension for Chrome that adds a button (as usual, in the upper right corner of the interface, right next to the Omnibox) that gives us access (through a small window that appears after clicking on it) to the dashboard Tumblr, ie we have direct access to the control panel for our blog posts or receive notification of new publications that appear on sites that follow.
  • Hate Tumblr is one of those extensions to keep in mind if you want to “avoid the madding crowd”, ie, publications not make us much grace or that we’re tired of seeing (because they have suffered multiple reposts). And how can we get rid of the noise this extension? Basically, we can lock Hate Tumblr publications that appear specific strings, and once we have them configured, when we review the literature to see if there is a match it will be covered by the hated word.
  • Better Tumblr is an extension designed to make us more comfortable viewing of the contents published on Tumblr as a style sheet applies specifically to correct some details in the layout. Another option that can also improve the aesthetics of Tumblr, if we access it from Chrome, is by extending Nice Tumblr it also allows a degree of customization because we write our own CSS to apply and view thus Tumblr publications in a unique and especially personalized.
  • Picture To Tumblr is another extension to consider whether, for example, we often post on Tumblr images encountered while out on the Web. To make things easier (and not have to walk by copying and pasting the link to the source), having the extension installed in Chrome Picture To Tumblr process is simplified further since all you have to do is right-click the mouse over the image and select the option to send it to Tumblr (or even select text and images) and automatically generate a posting on our Tumblr where also a link is automatically appended to the image source.
  • Auto-Post Tumblr Notepad is a curious extension, and perhaps somewhat convoluted in my point of view, that offers a notebook with backup in the cloud using Tumblr. And although this scheme can sonarnos we are talking about Evernote, this poses a similar extent as storage using Tumblr, yes, using it with private publications. That is, with this extension in Chrome install a small notebook (materialized in a window that appears or disappears by clicking on the extension icon) storing in the cloud all annotations relying on a private blog on Tumblr, an original form using this service.

Picture: Tumblr

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