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5 extensions to improve our productivity with Thunderbird

5 extensions to improve our productivity with Thunderbird

One application that virtually all users remain open during working hours is the email client (or, alternatively, a web client like Gmail or Google Apps). Although many companies are relegated to the background , the is a key communication medium in many organizations and users spend much of their working day pending their new posts. Managing our e is critical if we that our workday is productive and precisely adjust your mail client properly can contribute actively to achieve this goal.

On more than one occasion we talked about , an email client open source driven by the Mozilla Foundation, in my opinion, is one of the more flexible we can find thanks to extensions and add-ons available that allow us to customize and add additional functionality.

Several times we have spent some notes to speak of Thunderbird and its extensions since the range of options is quite broad and can help with these additional features to better manage our messages and increase our productivity. Following this path, we will take a moment to learn 5 extensions to better manage our messages in Thunderbird:

  • Evernote Tab is an extension aimed at users who use within their working day, Evernote (among whom I include myself). This extension will have something closer to our virtual notebooks since Thunderbird insert a button to open a tab with which to write new notes in Evernote. The idea is simple, instead of having to open Evernote from the browser to write a note or use the desktop client, we can do it directly from Thunderbird and compose notes or tasks with information extracted from the emails received.
  • Use Bcc Instead is a resource to consider if, for example, we usually send bulk emails, ie a large number of recipients. Generally, to preserve the privacy of the recipients, when we send out a mass mailing usually hide email addresses (Bcc) to not disclose the recipients but, we all ever happened, that we were wrong and instead BCC have used the carbon copy (Cc) and have revealed the direction of a target. To avoid such situations, this extension adds a checkpoint Thunderbird which analyzes the number of recipients of the message so that, in the case of exceeding a threshold in carbon copy, let us know if we’re wrong or we have to adjust something.
  • Slideshow is an interesting addition if you usually receive photos in our mail box. In Thunderbird, when we received a message that Ajunta multiple images, they are displayed at the end of the message to its natural size and, if they are large images, we will be complicated and we will have to see them opening them separately. With a view to facilitate the processing of content enclosed with this extension we can create a simple slideshow of images sent to us and review them quickly without having to download or open them separately.
  • Google Tasks Sync is an extension that allows us to synchronize our tasks in Thunderbird Google Task, ie keep synchronized our list and access them (both read and write) from Thunderbird. The extension requires logically that Thunderbird endow a task manager and therefore we must have installed Lightning (calendar also offers the function of task manager) and then add this extension to connect with Google Task (in the same way as with Provider for Google Calendar can sync our calendar with Google Calendar).
  • ProfileSwitcher is a supplement that provides us with the management of profiles in Thunderbird. Profiles?? Yes, user profiles, a feature that Thunderbird supports and allows us to handle multiple configuration profiles within the same system user though, initially, this functionality is not very visible and have to walk by editing a configuration file for this application. With the idea of not having to locate the file and having to edit profiles, this extension allows us to switch between profiles and manage several separate configurations without having to switch users in our system.
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