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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Free Software |

5 extensions to improve the security of Thunderbird

5 extensions to improve the security of Thunderbird

The email is, for many users, one of their tools for every day and although we have smartphones and tablets much easier access to our messages (from any location and without having to be sitting in our office), access mail from desktops or laptops is something common. While there are many companies that work with webmail (eg Google Apps), desktop clients and are still widely used among all those available, , in my point of view, is one of the more flexible we can find .

Thunderbird is an client that develops desktop sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation and is distributed as free software, it’s worth trying because the management of emails stored locally is very good and, above all, besides offering efficient multiple customization options thanks to the large number of extensions that can be found and we can improve the functionality of the application.

One of the most important aspects to enhance as well as contact management or managing multiple email accounts, is the security and, in my view, is an aspect that is always worth investing. Improving the security of our communications, ensuring that messages reach their target ship, avoid spam or phishing attempts are some ways we can enhance installing some extensions in Thunderbird:

  • TorBirdy is an area in which he has worked himself Jacob Appelbaum and as we can imagine, we will take the entire Thunderbird traffic through the Tor network, ie, we can make anonymous connections to preserve our privacy and secret of our communications. Once we have it installed, when we’re writing a new message we can see, in the lower right corner of this window, a message that will indicate if the shipment through Tor is on (or off) so that, if necessary , just before we activate it send out any communication. Also we use the Tor network checks for all new posts are made both for specific email accounts to all accounts you have configured.
  • ShowIP , as perhaps we can deduce from its name, is an extension that allows us to see directly the source IP of the message that we have before us. And what we want to see the source IP of a mail message? With this information and the features that are included in this extension we can find out who is responsible for this address or, for example, where it is located geographically or as a traceroute test.
  • Confirm-Address is an extension that is worth keeping in mind to ensure that messages get sent to the correct recipient. What messages reach the intended recipient? It is not uncommon, occasionally, receive messages that are not for us and that, however, come to our inbox fruit of forgetfulness, haste and Address autocomplete functions. With the idea that the recipients of the messages are correct, this extension will request confirmation before sending messages and we will confirm the recipients of these (before they are sent). If we want this same functionality but with some less formality, with Check and Send insert a warning before sending any message (reminding us to review everything before giving the submit button) but, to be truly effective, we must read the message and do what we recommended rather than circumvent it as if we were an automaton.
  • Identity Chooser extension can be interesting if you manage multiple email accounts from our desktop client and, for example, occasionally it has happened that we have answered a message (or have sent a new message) from a wrong account (eg nominative using our own instead of using a generic account). Thanks to this extension when we go to send a new message will be selected as a preliminary step, the email account from which to send (for sure so I ship from the correct account).
  • Spoof Detector is a very useful extension to warn us to a phishing or malicious mail as it will help us detect cases of mail spoofing, ie spoofing email addresses. This extension will check whether the messages we receive are from where they say they are, ie, the source server with the domain block that say proceed.
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