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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

5 extensions to relaunch our WordPress in 2013

5 extensions to relaunch our WordPress in 2013

Now that ends in 2012, these days we tend to take stock of the year and we plentamos challenges and goals for the new year ahead. Among the projects that we can ask face the new year may be starting our own blog or resume if we already have something left and it goes without updating. WordPress is one of the best platforms on which we can develop our blog, among other things, for its wide variety of plugins that open the door to a host of options and configurations.

Following the path we have been walking in Bitelia, let’s take a few minutes to meet five extensions worth keeping in mind if we reinvigorate our blog, renew some of its functionalities or directly start a new project with WordPress:

  • Social Author Bio is a very interesting extension if we give some relevance to the authors of articles published from our blog. The idea is that, at the end of each article, we display a page with some of the author’s data (beyond showing your user name) where we can see your picture, its coordinates in the network (a link to your Twitter profile to your Facebook profile, Google+, LinkedIn or email address) and, most importantly, allows you to integrate with the service items Authoship Google for displaying our photo within search results (which is a enough detail that will appeal to all those who want to position their articles on Google to inspire more confidence and, of course, attract more traffic).
  • NoSpamNX is a plugin that will allow us to stand up to the spam coming to our blog. While there are a number of extensions that allow us fight spam , this option is especially interesting to guard against attacks coming from spam robots and automated processes. The trick of this extension is that it offers more fields in the comments that we actually see, ie no invisible fields that the user sees in their browser and therefore left blank, but it does a robot see these reviews to scrutinize the code and fill and therefore that hidden fields are filled imply that we are facing spam comments (to be removed).
  • Responsive Video is a supplement to consider if we want to offer a website that follow the guidelines of the adaptive web design , meaning that our site matches the screen size of the device being used to access it. Besides adapting images (which can be adapted using a template), text or sidebars, videos and other multimedia content should also follow this pattern, however, when we insert a video by copying the code offered by YouTube or Vimeo usually set a height and width. With the idea of making videos flexible to the client device, this extension will give us the opportunity to work with the url of the videos abstracting the editor having to set a width and height, leaving the job of sizing plugin.
  • Simple Backup , as we can imagine, is an extension that aims to back up our blog. While this is an issue that we have tried occasionally, I think it is very important ask to use any of these plugins just starting our project (since we get rid of the odd scare and we can always restore our blog If any problem). In this case, Simple Backup offers the possibility of backing (key files and database) but also provides some utilities to improve the configuration and performance of our blog and the database.
  • Polls by OpinionStage Social complements surveys allows us since our blog on with the difference that these are “social”. Social surveys?? Yes, are surveys in which participants are identified using your Twitter account or your Facebook account, besides providing their profiles (and photos) that can exploit data as segmentation by gender, if we continue or not users (and so we evaluate the audience), track users who participated or get a list of participants and surveys that left his vote.
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