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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 free alternatives to Dreamweaver

5 free alternatives to Dreamweaver

In our recent comments HTML for beginners course, many people expressed dissatisfaction with Adobe Dreamweaver, the program that allows you to translate in HTML, among others, designing a web page, along with a WYSIWYG editor. Not to mention that it is the best program on the market, though it is the most popular, if we do things right and buy Dreamweaver, we’ll have to make an interesting pocket money. So, for their suggestions and needs of users, today we will tell you about five free alternatives to Dreamweaver.


Designed especially for web developers and programmers, BlueFish offers a variety of options for writing code sites, accompanied by other scripts. It has support for several languages, among which include HTML, C, C++, HTML5, and more. It also has support for various markup languages. It is a very light-editor and therefore portable devices like pen drives in your installation, or for up to the cloud-and has a fast start to avoid wasting time.

It also features support for FTP, SFTP and more. A detail of it is that has a proofreader who can discern between code and text corrections unmarked pieces of code you are writing. It is also highly customizable, so it can be adapted to the tastes of each. Finally, being an open source development, is completely free.


Amaya is a client that allows us to develop web pages, but also browse them. This is essential to test the usability of a particular website that we are developing or supervising. The program can be used to create pages and upload them to a server, in addition to a very simple interface that does not require too much knowledge-although obviously requires us to have a basic knowledge of web page development. The advantage that this program has is that we can both create and navigate.

It also allows editing multiple documents of different formats, such as XHTML, XML, SVG, and more. The editing features allow us to create hyperlinks Amaya easily, and in this sense is more like Dreamweaver-in the sense that it can be more accessible. It is also completely free, with the endorsement of the W3. In fact, you can download from their official website .

First Page

Powered by Evrsoft company, it is a completely free web editor for HTML, which allows us to improve the code that we previously developed. Has an interesting user, and a program is also quite fast, compared with the starting time with other programs such as Dreamweaver. The authors of First Page boast to attract both beginners HTML world as the real experts, and what we can do, considering that it is a free option, are closer to the truth.

With First Page we can access local and remote files, insert and convert files, select tags from a database, customize according to CSS styles, and also customize the way in which we see the labels. So we can see how it gives you more customization options Dreamweaver, which has similar options. You can preview your work in up to 4 different browsers, typing on a Split (seeing the design and code at the same time) and more.

Aptana Studio

Aptana is one of the most popular choices for creating web pages that are on the Internet. It is a powerful suite that gives us several options, so you do not have to stay just to write code and preview. It is a free service, which you can then upgrade to a professional version-and pay-which adds some more features.

Aptana has support for Ajax, HTML, CSS, DOM, and more, and you can also download plugins to work on development projects with Adobe AIR and iPhone. It can also be used by PHP developers. For most beginners, has a wizard to create websites, and also a powerful integrated debugger to troubleshoot errors.


To close with our list, we recommend Kompozer , another free service to create web pages that is similar to Dreamweaver. With Kompozer can have an FTP manager, a color picker to move to hexadecimal, a CSS editor, toolbars that can be customized to increase productivity, markers, and an automated spellchecker, like other of these tools, can be distinguished from the labels.

Another interesting aspect is that Kompozer is Powered by Mozilla, so what have we endorsed by trajeros Firefox and Thunderbird, among other things. It has a WYSIWYG text editor, and support for working on multiple pages. Finally, it has a good CSS editor to focus on the design aspects of the page.

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