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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Internet |

5 Google Chrome extensions focused on web design

5 Google Chrome extensions focused on web design

One of the aspects that I like about since its flexibility, thanks to its extensions and applications, this browser can transform into a powerful tool to develop our work or enjoy the network, for example, spend while in our social networking favorites. If our work is linked to the world of web development, we can find Google Chrome extension that can be very helpful to both developers and designers as.

If we work in the field of web design, certainly, to surf the net we looked at a page which highlights the typeface or colors used, aspects that can inspire any project you’re working. If you open the door in addition to content, we want Chrome also help us identify some aspects related to the design of the sites we visited, in the Chrome Web Store can find some Google Chrome extension that hurts to have very close:

  • WhatFont is an extension that aims to help in identifying fonts, ie visit a website and, by positioning the mouse over a text, we can see how the font name appears to have been used. It may seem an extension that does little but, really, we can access this information in a very fast and, above all, in a way simpler than using Firebug or Webkit Inspector.
  • Eye Dropper is a complement with which we can identify colors of any site we are visiting. The operation is very simple and, at bottom, is similar to that found in typical function design applications in which we can take the color of an object and bring it to our color palette. For Eye Dropper, all you have to do is use the extension button (located in the upper right of the interface) and get the hex or RGB value of the color that is being pointed to by the mouse. The list of identified colors are stored in a personal history that we can then use to play in our designs.
  • Color Picker is another extension with which we can identify colors we find on the websites that we visit. As is the case with Eye Dropper, this Google Chrome extension returns the color we’re pointing the mouse just that, this time, the coding is done using the RGB and HSL. Such extension is interesting because they are able to identify colors in images and in the case of Color Picker, offers a zoom of the area pointed to by the mouse to select the portion that we can identify specific (for if there were nuances of tone different).
  • ColorZilla can also help us in identifying colors because we can identify the color pointed to by the mouse and even get the full color palette used on the website we are visiting. Other interesting details include the ability to identify objects flash colors, color gradients to generate CSS and copy automatically the color code so we can take it identified a design application such as Gimp or Photoshop.
  • Rulers, Guides, Eye Dropper and Color is perhaps one of the Google Chrome extension that we can find more complete for Chrome within the field of web design. Besides identifying colors, the extension allows you to add a “guide layer” on the site you’re visiting, ie adding a grid (or grid) with a ruler (in pixels) to review the design of a or check the web we are doing. On this grid we can add markers in the form of horizontal and vertical lines (to check the alignment of objects), mark the center of the interface and, most importantly, save settings * grid to display it each time I return to visit page.
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