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5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer

5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer

This is the I do, looking for new ways, different. The surprise is key in all art …
Artistic ability of reinforced concrete is so fantastic … is the way to go …
The curves are the essence of my work, since they are the essence of Brazil, pure and simple. I am Brazilian architect before. I can not separate the two.

With the death of Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro at 104 years of age be one of the great names of twentieth century architecture. A pioneer and revolutionary, he continued to work on his work until the end of his days, a key work in modern architecture, which is called the Modern Movement.

Appointments with which we began this post serve as a reference for understanding the great artist’s work. Reinforced concrete was part of the essence of Niemeyer, discovering a world building material of plastic and constructive possibilities hitherto unknown. Along with the material, his work and designs always showed a passion for the curves, a key aspect that defined as leaving out angles:

It’s not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. What attracts me is the free and sensual curve, the curve that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuous course of its rivers, in the waves of the sea, in the preferred female body. From curves made the whole universe, the curved universe of Einstein.

From his words we can understand how they were born many of his major works, was the architect who raised the city of Brasilia as the new capital of his country, the same who participated in the construction of the UN Headquarters in New York, the Tower of Copan Sao Paulo or the Brazilian National Congress.

Anyway, be one of the key names in modern architecture that did not stop working on his work until the end of his days. We leave you with five great works of the architect, possibly the great reference and master of the modern age:

Museum of Contemporary Art in Niterui

Conducted by Niemeyer to 100 years old, the museum was built in the city of Niterói and is one of its hallmarks. The building was 16 meters high and a dome with a diameter of 50 meters with three floors.

5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer image 2

Cathedral of Brasilia

Completed in 1970, it is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia. A huge asymmetrical sections hyperboloid structure built on concrete and glass roof which seems to open to the sky.

5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer image 3

Brazilian National Congress

The play, which opened in 1960, meant the transfer of the captaincy of Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia. Seat of the federal legislature in Brazil, the structure consists of two hemispheres to the sides (Senate and Chamber of Deputies) with two office towers.

5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer image 4

Planalto Palace

See executive Brazilian Federal Government, the building was begun in 1958 as part of the draft Niemeyer in Brasilia. It has four stories high and covers an area of 36,000 mu. His idea was to project an image of simplicity and modernity using lines and waves to compose the columns and exterior structures.

5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer image 5

United Nations Headquarters in New York

Niemeyer participated with a reputed group of architects (including Le Corbusier) in the drafting of the main building of the United Nations in New York City in 1952.

5 great works of Oscar Niemeyer image 6

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