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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 ideas to get more Dropbox

5 ideas to get more Dropbox

Services cloud storage have become very popular because they allow users to share files in a very simple and also offer access available files from a wide variety of devices (which, together with the mobility, makes them very practical). Although the spectrum of services available is very wide (Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, etc.), one of the most popular services among users is Dropbox that also in recent months the service has developed a number of improvements , added to the offers to increase the space available, there hardly make a user account that is not in service.

Dropbox, like other services, offers a warehouse in the cloud where we can upload files and share them with other users (sending links, inviting them to share a folder, etc.) whether the service or, even, of Facebook . With storage space and can do many things, the truth is that we can express our space on Dropbox with multiple additional uses besides file sharing.

And how we could use our Dropbox account? Spectrum of options is virtually unlimited (especially if we add the applications that are emerging around Dropbox) but even so, here are some ideas:


One of the maxims to be followed when backing up a system is to establish a physical separation between the system and safeguard their copies, ie store the backups in a different location. Since Dropbox is a storage system in the cloud, perhaps this can be a good destination for our backups , allowing them to be available anywhere and we can restore much of the information that we lose if we suffer a breakdown in suffer a hard drive or some type of malware attack on our system.

How to use Dropbox in this regard? We can assign a folder within Dropbox as destination and our backups, for example, establish a routine for backing automating the process with a tool ( Cobian Backup could be an option).

If you maintain a WordPress website, you can find extensions that perform backups of our database and stored in the dropbox you indicate (there are also accounts for configuring Google Drive).


Dropbox folders can be a good repository of applications where maintaining those utilities that we always have on hand to install, ie use Dropbox as a kind of software library, but also if we use portable applications and instead of storing them in USB memory, store them in Dropbox.

Thus, in addition to the always available applications also share profiles and settings, therefore we always feel “at home”, regardless of location.


On more than one occasion we are working at home, with our team, and draft documents or documents that need printing we find when we arrived to the office. In these cases, it is not uncommon to end up sending these documents to our email account with the typical case “Print” and in the end, when we got to work with an average of 4 or 5 posts on this path (or any more if we have limitations in sending or receiving messages).

A much cleaner way to do this is to create a print queue with Dropbox, ie print store these documents in a specific folder within Dropbox and avoid having to send the documents by mail. In fact, we will apply this practice to send documents from any type of device accessing our personal space, and if further supports our printer spooler (a network folder), we could close the circle automating the printing process and find all printed when we go by the office door.

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Swap between multiple computers

If you have multiple computers we work (the computer of our work and our home), in some cases we will have seen the need to share information between them and we will have to resort to email or a USB memory. While many companies offer their employees networked storage systems and VPN access to their infrastructure, using Dropbox can create a space for exchange between our teams and be always available and updated information.

Why need a shared space? It can be a way to keep in sync emails in local store (the famous local folders of Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook pst files), be accessible documents you’re working in the office and at home and even we also can be used for group work because we can invite other users to that folder and keep up without having to cross multiple addresses with versions of the documents you are working on.

Android Application Repository

Generally, the majority of Android device users download their apps from Google Play, however, if you want to try something new, such as happened with the beta of Flipboard for Android , you must download the application package apk and install it in the terminal.

Sometimes we do not have a USB cable handy to transfer the package we downloaded or simply do not know how to send a link from our desktop to our Android device, with the idea of making process more comfortable and we can use Dropbox, for example, store the packages to be installed in the terminal in a Dropbox folder and, using the client for the mobile device, access it and proceed with the installation (on the terminal authorizing installing applications from “Unknown Origin”).

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