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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Internet |

5 IM applications to replace MSN and Gtalk

5 IM applications to replace MSN and Gtalk

In the land of instant messengers, Windows Live Messenger and Gtalk are kings. But that does not mean they are the only inhabitants. We used to use these programs because they are the mainstream, so to speak, but we have other alternatives that offer different features and capabilities of centralization to have all your contacts in one place. Today we will review these alternative customers, to see that there is a whole forest behind the larger trees.


This program is set to the customer “universal” instant messaging, and is a good alternative to centralize all our email accounts and chat-in one place. Of course, this is something you can do all members of this list, so we found another important difference value that goes beyond the slogan: Pidgin is fast, lightweight, free and has an attractive interface for the various options is not surprising that we find in Windows Live Messenger.

Too bad that is not available for Mac OS X, but for users of Windows, Linux and other UNIX based systems. With can also perform a variety of tasks like the ones popular with customers we do: file transfer, automated messages, emoticons, and notifications, among other things. Moreover, and herein lies the difference value, Pidgin supports a variety of important plugins to customize our user experience.


Digsby is a full-featured client that not only lets us chat with our contacts, but also is a client for email and the vast majority of social networks on the web. So we can have all our contact Messenger, Gtalk, and Facebook, in one place. Let’s admit that the interface is not the most beautiful county, could merit a more modern update-but has a good notification system.

The organization is divided tabbed chats, in the same way that browsers and Windows Live Messenger, and email notifications can be seen again on the desktop. If we set multiple accounts, also can differentiate the notifications so we know what to prioritize. Finally, synchronization with social networks makes also supports Facebook Chat, a feature that is essential for many.


This is another very popular free client that wins our hearts by its retro aesthetics and simplicity. With Trillian can not do many things, but we can do something that concerns us: chat. This instant messaging is available for Windows and Mac, and also has applications for Android, iOS, and Blackberry, and even has a web version to chat without having to download anything.

With the passage of time has been updated to support other options: for example, we can perform updates on our major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but what really is interesting is the ability to synchronize the same platform across different devices : we can start a conversation in the desktop application and resume minutes later through the mobile application. Another feature it has is its weight: it is lightweight and does not consume many system resources.

A few weeks ago Eduardo made an excellent review of , a new instant messaging client that we liked so much that we’re adding to our list. A key differentials that have this client is its simplicity, with a very clean interface and easy to use, and also with the ability to download other versions for mobile operating systems. In addition to the usual services, involves a SMS messaging service, and unlike many clients, does not offer difficulties to create group conversations.

Another feature that differentiates peer is able to split our contacts among those who have been contacted and most recently contacted every day in order to have easier access. Eduardo also emphasizes the ability to search not only among our contacts-a must if you have multiple accounts, but also between the conversations we’ve had. It is an ideal choice for those using Gtalk from multiple accounts.

Miranda IM

We close our list with one of the most minimalist market customers, Miranda . This is a multi-protocol client for Windows, whose charm lies in the speed with its ability to not use many of our computer resources. But its value differential is portability: no installation required, and can be moved in a pendrive or other storage disk.

Like Pidgin, have the ability to customize through different plugins: Miranda’s boast over 350 plugins to enhance the experience. Thus, another of its distinguishing features is the ability to customize almost ad infinitum. Miranda is completely free and also has support for Facebook Chat, among other clients also popular as Gtalk, MSN, ICQ and AIM-admit that the latter are a bit retro, but we can also save contacts from that era.

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