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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

5 no obvious improvements of iPhone 5

5 no obvious improvements of iPhone 5

We have in our hands a iPhone 5 for review and as we complete our thorough analysis, we wanted to share five major improvements are not evident among the sea of criticism and disappointment alleged that the smartphone has gone, by “pundits” and analysts even if they have not had the phone in his hands.

  1. Battery life is much more: it was my main criticism in my review of the iPhone 4S and I am happy to know that the iPhone 5 has a considerably better battery. We are in times when we use more smartphones than laptops and it is not possible to have half a day to load. The effort in better runtime already saw in the new MacBooks and iPads is present in the iPhone.
  2. The choice of materials is a great success: Of those things you can not appreciate until you have it in hand. The 5 is constructed with a combination of anodized aluminum with inlaid glass (ceramic white model and pigmented black model). The feeling in the hand lets you know that you have a device designed with tremendous precision and quality, not a square of plastic.
  3. It is very light: 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. On paper it seems little, but daily use is a clear difference. Improved comfort and although the weight is really important to feel that you have something in your hand, is compensated by the choice of materials that I describe in the previous section.
  4. 5 no obvious improvements of iPhone 5 image 2 The 3G connection can be very fast and well used, even without LTE: You do not have LTE connection to get high speed data connection on the iPhone We have evidence to reach 18 megabytes per second (with Movistar in Madrid). That’s more than double the average ADSL connection in Spain and Latin America. Not bad.
  5. The screen is extremely good, and not because it is bigger: everyone talks about the new screen size, which is important, yes, but not as much as the quality of the items displayed in it. Now the colors are much more real, much more vivid contrast that makes the blackest blacks and the whitest whites.

You’ll buy an iPhone 5?

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