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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Internet |

5 online platforms for learning almost anything

5 online platforms for learning almost anything

Formal is not everything. Of course, neither university. Much less now in the Internet and information overload. Nowadays, if you’re self-taught and learn collaboratively, you failed as a student. And, on the other hand, if you get off the Olympus of teachers-to-all-you know to become your partner and guide students, you failed as a teacher. It’s that simple.

In the classroom all students and all should be teachers alike. All knowledge sharing. New methodologies that will arise in this regard. I guess that educators have much to say about it. Meanwhile, things are moving online unchecked, leaving only follow some basic principles, such as Google taught us this: Do not memorize knowledge, find it when you need it.

Want to learn something? Well, I hope some of these platforms will inspire you to do it now. Add a little order and discipline to the equation and will make things easier.

These sites are in English should not be a deterrent, there is Google Translate. And dozens of places to learn languages as well. Are there other sites? Best?? Definitely. The point look.

1. Coursera

Videos, quizzes, interaction with other students to learn science, nutrition, mathematics, medicine and even to finance. Coursera has more than one million students throughout the planet, and integrates them into a coherent platform for self-learning and collaborative serious.

2. Khan Academy

Here was a pioneer in the business of online learning platforms. Khan Academy is distinguished by the variety of topics and the extension of platforms on which it works (I recommend the app for iPad). You can also become a volunteer for subtitling courses and contribute to the knowledge of others: thus a community is formed.

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3. Udacity

Self-appointed college XXI Century, Udacity is a platform to learn by solving challenges with algunso projects guided by the best instructors in the world (seriously). “We put the student at the center of the universe”, and there are more than 100,000 students enrolled in its courses: basically computer science. Udacity is inspiring.

4. EDX

MIT, Harvard and Berkeley together in the same courses online platform heir to the glories of the MIT Open Course Ware . By the time the courses are few, but suggest follow up this platform promises to surprise us with its great user interface. The courses run by subscription.

5. CK12

With an excellent design, CK12 has dozens of courses almost any area of knowledge for primary school students. It does so through interactive resources, online books, focusing on concepts and exercises that also work on any platform or device. We need more sites like these.

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