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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Free Software |

5 open source alternatives to applications we use every day (II)

5 open source alternatives to applications we use every day (II)

This morning marilink showed open source alternative to manage projects , an interesting example to show that is a real alternative solvent to many proprietary software packages that are used to seeing in business and that sometimes , seem to be the only option, for example, to make a Gantt chart with project planning. When we talk, for some time, the migration to free software commented that we are in a very condusive to consider such an option since, well stated, we can help reduce licensing costs and also extend the repayment period of our fleet of computers.

When using free software is not mandatory to use an operating system based on Linux, in fact, it is not unusual mixed operating environments in which open source applications coexist with other custodial in, for example, a computer operating system Windows installed. Each organization is unique and although not always the “recipes” are standards to be applied in any environment, a number of applications that are commonly used and almost everyone tends to use daily and that inertia, we often resort to solutions proprietary software to be loaded in excess, for example, the costs of a startup boot.

Not long ago dedicate a few minutes to speak precisely of five alternative free software applications we use every day and while anyone could think that LibreOffice is far behind Microsoft Office, really, for an average use is an interesting alternative already used in the Government of France and, for example, in Spain the National Interoperability Framework regulates the use of open standards in the Public Administration documents available to citizens.

Following the path already started, let’s know some open source applications that are worth trying and, above all, to consider before opting for an alternative to proprietary software:

  • 7-Zip is a compression / decompression of files that enables you to handle ZIP and RAR formats known replaces applications like WinZip and WinRAR. 7-Zip, logically, is a free software (distributed under GPL license) and also offers the possibility of using the 7z compression format, according to its developer, Igor Pavlov, we can achieve better compression ratios and therefore save some more space by compressing text files.
  • InfraRecorder is a very thin application with which we can handle the CD or DVD burner of our team without having to use applications such as, for example, Nero This application is released under the GPLv3 license and operates under Windows environments, providing users one very simple and intuitive interface with all the features and options needed to burn CDs or DVDs.
  • Pidgin is perhaps one of the most popular instant messaging applications familiar to users and, in line with the rest of the applications we are discussing, it is also free software. Thanks to Pidgin can gather in one place much of our coordinates in the network, ie our customer focus in this session Gtalk, MSN, Facebook chat or, for example, in our company we have a messaging server based internal Jabber can also configure it. I recognize that I am an enemy of having thousand windows open and therefore I welcome applications that allow me to concentrate and manage services in a unified manner (avoiding also having to install multiple applications).
  • is perhaps one of the most austere from the point of view of the interface that we find in the field of free software but also is an interesting use when editing video files. While for a professional editing can be behind or Adobe Premiere video editing options included in Nero, is an interesting option to perform (without having to deploy software packages heavy) basic editing video, apply filters to combine an image or video with an audio source. The application is distributed under GPL and is interesting, no need to install it on Windows because the package we download only have to unzip it and click on the executable.
  • Notepad++ is a text editor that I particularly love. This text editor is very oriented to editing and code files, for example, can enable syntax features to identify the programming language in which we are working and so highlight reserved words or, for example, display comfortably blocks of code that have enclosed “keys”, ie between ‘{‘ and ‘}’. Furthermore, Notepad + + can compare files (ideal if we have confused and have multiple versions of the same file and we can not tell which is the most recent) record macros to save repetitive work, work with different encodings of files (ideal to work seamlessly with UTF-8 files from Windows) or edit multiple files from the same window (tabbed working). A great alternative to Windows Notepad and the classic MS-DOS editor.
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