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5 original uses for our Dropbox account

5 original uses for our Dropbox account

Services as Box and have become very popular among users and, little by little, in an almost obligatory registration service to share files, work collaboratively or maintain files always available to be accessed from any and device location. This week, Dropbox launched a promotion which increased the space for students and teachers of educational institutions worldwide.

There are many users that when they see these types of promotions are wondering what they can do with 10 GB of cloud storage with 25GB or those who could be reached with this promotion, the answer is quite simple yet complex: save files .

What type of files can save in Dropbox? Couple of months ago, precisely devote a few minutes to explore some uses we could make the space available on Dropbox and, taking advantage of the weekend comes and we have a little more time to devote to our personal affairs, we will take a moment to explore other 5 uses we could give the space we have in Dropbox.

Availability of documents

Clearly Dropbox is a place where we can store all types of files and therefore can share documents with our colleagues, our classmates, our teachers, etc. However, taking advantage that we can very well manage the visibility of folders that went up to the cloud (and not share with anyone if they so wish), Dropbox can be a great place to store information that we consider critical or whose access is vital, for example, emergency situations.

Emergencies?? Documents? Must always have available? Yes, train tickets in PDF, a scanned copy of our documentation or our passport, a backing of some of the documents we have printed for our trip (hotel reservations, train tickets, permits, etc.) or, for example, if we work in the field of IT services and our company encounters any kind of disaster (fire, flood, etc.), we might have there (as a backup) copy of the contingency plan and continuity of our services.

Centralize data

One of the benefits of installing the Dropbox desktop client is that automatically changes are updated in the files in each of the computers that have installed the application, with the idea of creating a local copy of the material have uploaded to the cloud. Taking advantage of this scheme of operation, Dropbox can be considered as a bridge between our teams and leverage the service to share data between our computers in a very simple and, for example, without sharing network drives at home or having to purchase a NAS.

What could centralize information using Dropbox? Could use Dropbox folders to store our music (and make it available in all our equipment), go one step further and share our iTunes library, sync email , synchronize our library books electronic …

Image repository

An interesting detail of the mobile client is that we can use Dropbox to upload, automatically (through both the 3G connection as with Wi-Fi), the pictures and videos we took with our smartphone and our tablet. This way of making a backup, in the background, it also simplifies the process of sharing files with our friends (we can send the links directly) but in addition, it also simplifies the transfer of images to your computer.

Enabling this feature saves having to connect the cable to your smartphone to your computer to download the photos and, if you do not want to penalize our data bonus, all you have to do is set the increases to be made exclusively , using Wi-Fi. Thus, all of our teams will have available the photos and not have to walk connecting cables.

Moreover, centralizing in Dropbox our photos, we’ll always available and safe from any type of loss (a hard drive crash, theft of your computer, etc.).

Improve the performance of your WordPress blog

Dropbox infrastructure, surely, is much more powerful and robust than we might have hired us in the hosting provider where we have our personal blog. Since the images are one of the contents “heavier” to serve, may be a good idea to take Dropbox to give some impetus to our blog and improve performance.

Just last week we spend a few minutes talking about integration between WordPress and Dropbox and, in this sense, plugins like Dropbox Photo Sideloader or Dropbox CDN can be of quite useful to use images from Dropbox in our blog or mount a CDN with Dropbox .

Version Control

If you’ve ever worked in the development of web pages, it is normal that we have maintained a web version for testing entirely separate from the production version ( should never be tested in production ). Dropbox can help us to work comfortably from multiple locations, for example, share the development environment across multiple computers to work collaboratively (and remote) using this space in the cloud as a code repository (like a SVN, for example).

Thus, in our team will always have an updated version of the project, regardless of the changes that have made all other employees (yes, coordination will be important because two people can not work on the same file).

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