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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Uncategorized |

5 platforms to upload podcasts

5 platforms to upload podcasts

We’ve talked several times about all the changes that the Internet has brought into our lives. After decades of use, some things are changing. As such, transmission monopolies. Consider how listening a couple of years ago, and all the possibilities we have now. Not only do stations streaming on the internet, but also for fans who upload their own programs or podcasts.

What is a podcast, exactly? It is a multimedia file (can be audio or video, but in this case we will focus on the audio) that users can listen via streaming or download to listen at any time. can be downloaded from various applications, such as iTunes, but also can be uploaded to a varied number of services that are created specifically for this. Today we are going to present a list of five platforms for podcasts that we like, to see if one is venturing into the world of internet radio broadcast.

1. Spreaker

Spreaker is a great service that lets you create your own radio or online program easily. It has an effects console to make the changes desired audio sound, besides being able to upload songs that are located in our local music library. We also have the option to upload programs that have been pre-recorded and edited with software like SoundForge or Vegas-or do live broadcasts for our friends.

2. Live 365

In Live 365 we hear a myriad of programs created by users of the platform, besides being able to upload your own creations. It has a free mode (with ads while listening) and a VIP mode. This is if we just listeners. If we want to convey our own programs we pay for an account, either individually for programs either spoken or music, which allows us to make some money for transmissions or professional-business-with other features as to embed advertisements in transmissions of the platform, and to listen to the programs through other services such as WinAmp or iTunes. Accounts vary between 4 to $ 100.

3. Podcast Alley

PodCast Alley may not have the best interface of all these services that we provide, but it is effective. This platform serves as an aggregator for podcasts on the web, where users can make suggestions for programs which have or upload their own programs. In addition to its functionality as an aggregator, for example, we can not upload the program but we can host it on Dropbox and add it to reach a larger number of users-PodCast Alley offers a variety of resources for those who are just starting in the field and want an education to improve their performance. The best thing is that it is carried out by true enthusiasts podcasting is a free service, and we can all work together to improve it.

4. Podfeed

Podfeed is another aggregator that also leaves much to be desired in terms of design, but we’re not chasing aesthetic pretensions. This is a directory that allows you to find, read and post comments about podcasts, hear our own programs and share podcasts with other service users. Just as Podcast Alley, we can also find a wealth of resources related to amateur podcasts, publications, magazines, technical details and more. It is noted for its ability to create our own podcast feed where we can receive all program updates that interest us.

5. Podomatic

Finally, we Podomatic . It also functions as an “independent community Podcasters”, but with the difference that in this platform can also create your own podcasts-up audio files, images of “cover” for emissions, and other details, or to make a new program called “minicast” allows you to combine photos and audio to create short videos of images like those we see every day on YouTube. It also has a powerful search engine that not only limited to gender, but also can differentiate between cities of different issuers. One of the biggest advantages is its speed Podomatic: in just a few clicks we can have our podcast published and ready to listen.

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