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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Features, Internet | 1 comment

5 plugins to integrate Dropbox in WordPress

5 plugins to integrate Dropbox in WordPress

Several notes and we have dedicated to , one of the best web content management systems free software that can be found through its many customization options materialized in his huge gallery of extensions , templates and widgets. Possibly WordPress sustain much of the blogs daily and retrieve, in fact, is one of the options to consider when starting your own blog ask staff or migrate our blog from Blogger to a self-hosting.

Although we maintain our blog on a hosting service and have some flexibility to manage our infrastructure, one of the aspects that have limited (meaning that our budget is not infinite) is storage, ie, the space available. In many cases we find limitations in space and also in number of files, but it may happen that we have enabled our WordPress instance of a form in which users must attach a file.

The other day we dedicate a few minutes to address this problem (send files to a website) in a general way using Dropbox via JotForm , a service that could create forms and attachments stored in our account. The idea of integrating Dropbox is quite interesting and we can turn this space cloud storage in a great complement to WordPress thanks to some of the existing extensions:

  • Simple Dropbox Upload is a WordPress-specific plugin that allows us to do the same as we discussed in the case of JotForm, ie the possibility for users to upload a file to our blog and instead of storing it in our server (which would have to connect via SSH, FTP or through the web control panel that gives us our hosting provider), we can easily check all files from Dropbox (either from the web interface or from the desktop client). The extension is pretty good and gives us the possibility to limit the file types that admit (to avoid nasty surprises) and to implement it all you have to do besides setting it, will link our Dropbox account.
  • CleanPrint is an extension that aims to make our blog “more green” since it offers our users alternatives to printing the content we publish. Alternatives to print? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the generation of a PDF file and, in fact, if we think we are misguided but also the extension offers the option to save the contents of a text file or export directly, we generated PDF into Dropbox account of our visitors, Drive your Google account, Google Cloud Print send or send the file to your email inbox.
  • WP Time Machine offers the possibility of using our Dropbox as store destination repository backups of our blog, freeing us from having to download and store copies in our computer or in the cloud manually. With this plugin you can back up data from our WordPress installation stored in database files that you have stored in the wp-content directory and the files.htaccess and send them to our Dropbox account for safekeeping in the cloud.
  • Dropbox Photo Sideloader is a supplement that has the task of integrating Dropbox in our facility for us to use WordPress as a source of images that illustrate our articles. In other words, instead of having to upload the pictures of our items from our team (since using the other websites hotlinking is not advisable), we can take the images stored in our Dropbox account and use them as resources in our blog. Another great alternative to this extension is Pressbox but you have not updated.
  • Dropbox CDN plugin is a very interesting, even if it takes time not been updated, with which we can use Dropbox as a CDN (content delivery network), ie, improving the performance of our WordPress depositing files from external servers with greater capacity response (like Dropbox and building their infrastructure balancing). Thanks to this extension will deposit in our public folder CSS, and JavaScript files and serve our images from Dropbox. If you want to delve more into the world of the in WordPress and use Dropbox, we can use the plugin WP Super Cache and follow the recipe published in WP Buddy to further improve the performance of our website.
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1 Comment

  1. Hi Collins,

    So glad that you mentioned our post on using WP-Super Cache for Dropbox :) I’m visiting your site for the first time. I must say you have a stunning design here. Loved it!

    Regarding this post, you have a great compilation there. I have used them all except “WP Time Machine”. Wow! this seems out of this world, I would love to have something like that. I’m sure I will give it a try and let you know :)