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5 plugins to monitor our website in WordPress

5 plugins to monitor our website in WordPress

Yesterday my colleague Barbara took a few minutes to tell us, in a note of recommended reading , some aspects to consider ask when starting a web project staff. Meeting the challenge of maintaining a personal blog or web launch a commercial project is a process that must be supported on a strategy and goes much further to decide if we want to use as a technology platform WordPress, Blogger or Drupal.

Once we started our project, we will establish a set of indicators to measure the impact of our work and, ultimately, if we are getting the expected results (or are on track to achieve them). Use Google Analytics or Piwik can be two interesting resources to make our website analytics and meet our users or traffic sources we have, however, in addition to other factors analytics to take into account and are also monitor important as, for example, the availability of the website or “health” of the server where we hosted our website.

In case we have chosen to use as a platform to develop our web project, in its extensive collection of plugins can find some with which monitor some aspects of our website as the availability, the status of our server or, for example, keywords of our items (and thus more effectively choose the labels of our products).

  • 404-error-monitor is a very interesting extension which we can keep track of 404 errors obtained by our users when accessing an incorrect URL, ie get an error “page not found”. And what a plugin can serve well? It is an interesting indicator that enables you to locate, for example, bad links pointing to our website pages but nonexistent or realize that we were wrong to share a link via Twitter.
  • Hosting Monitor can be an interesting ally in managing our website in WordPress if have it hosted on a shared hosting service and have limited access to the server and can not access via SSH, use services like Nagios or Cacti or simply install a system on the server we be very complex. With this plugin you can monitor the storage space occupied or the size of our database.
  • Pages Monitor is a resource to consider if our project is open to other users, ie are several publishers who want to manage the content and leave a trace of actions rushing each of the editors. Thanks to this extension detect by monitoring any changes in our WordPress pages, ie editions, passes draft publications or deletions.
  • WP Really Simple Health is another interesting plugin which monitor the “health” of the server where we hosted our WordPress. The idea is that since the administration of our blog can load information that is subject to server CPU, RAM occupied and, most importantly, the availability of the server (ie, the time it takes active and without any form of fall).
  • Live SEO Keyword Monitor can be an interesting tool for those interested in the world of SEO and optimizing content and keywords. This extension is responsible for monitoring the most relevant words in our articles with the idea of offering a list of suggestions with keywords and, thus, consequently choose to use labels in our articles.
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