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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Features, Internet |

5 plugins to prevent spam in WordPress

5 plugins to prevent spam in WordPress

Throughout various notes, we are dedicating time to talk about one of the web content management systems free software more flexible (and easier to manage) we can find, WordPress , also thanks to the number of extensions and templates available We can also find on the net offers multiple customization options and adaptation to all kinds of needs and requirements.

A good number of blogs we read every day are based on the content manager and certainly all face the same daily struggles: the spam . One of the nicest aspects of blogging is the user participation and debate that can be generated around the different notes that are posted, but there are some users who try to take advantage of these platforms somewhat dubious purposes and take advantage of comments to insert advertising has little or nothing to do with the subject being treated, or leverage the positioning of certain pages to insert links to theirs within a SEO plan inelegant (and some that even charge their customers for that).

Between plugins can find occasional ally with which to stand up to this kind of malpractice that face our users, only serve to annoy and introduce noise. Perhaps one of the most popular services to combat Comment spam is Askimet but besides this great service, you can find other options available (without resorting to uncomfortable captchas that only prevent us from automated spam):

  • Language-based Condom Comment Spam is a very useful extension that helps us fight spam comments automatically generated and, as a rule, usually come in languages other than our own. Assuming that any comment left on a blog should be in the same language in which the note was written (or within a limited set of languages), this plugin can block any kind of comment that comes within a language that we considered allowed inside the control panel extension. In addition, other aspects of the extension review is the number of links that are found in the commentary and in the event of exceeding the maximum threshold are deleted directly (saving us the task management).
  • Anti-spam is another extension that will allow us to fight comment spam without disturbing our users including a captcha and without us having to spend time reviewing the comments we have received to select those who are going to remove. The plugin works autonomously, ie once activated will review comments without our intervention.
  • Spam Destroyer is another alternative that automate the detection and removal of comments that could be classified as spam. As with any other extension, the plugin required to take a look at the comments classified as spam messages to rescue some other lawful and remove it without being good are given by the extension. The settings are very simple and, in the case of working with a professional cutting blog (which you must purchase a license to use Askimet), this extension can help us save costs without losing functionality.
  • User Remover is an extension flexible enough to help us fight spam from its source: the user. For our blog prior registration required before posting comments might be the case that some accounts were registered with the task sembarnos spam comments. To prevent this type of intrusion, the extension is responsible for conducting purges among our users to locate inactive accounts.
  • Spam Free WordPress plugin is interesting that, among its features, highlights its ability to block 100% of spam we receive automatic in our comments (or so indicate). This extension designed to facilitate the management of comments automating the maximum spam detection process and the actions to execute this type of messages (for example, removing comments marked as spam, tackball urls and comments have not been approved by the editors of the blog). The benefits of this plugin are pretty good although the Castilian is not one of the supported languages (thus lowering slightly its effectiveness over other alternatives).
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