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5 things you should never do to use email

5 things you should never do to use email

It seems incredible that the is one of the tools that we take longer using, that she spend most maintain daily communications and even, in the 2012 there are still people who have not left out some very disturbing practices for who receive a message. Let’s review the worst, those who never miss because we are terribly annoying to others.

Do not use Reply to All

Must be one of the most basic but systematically repeated. Common sense at all: if someone is copying in conversation, the answer must include it. That someone removing a thread is visible. Unless you are in the event that there is a prior agreement that will bring people who do not follow the theme, leave.

Images pasted into the body of the email

Why? With how easy it is to attach a file, and much better still a link to another site where the material shows that we refer. The images that are embedded in the text are annoying and unmanageable. Do not put them.

Chain emails

We arrived at the happy chains. Yes, I know that Hotmail will not close even if I do not send an email, but ‘just in case’ I send. I can not think how to send spam emails to all my contacts, can not believe that this affects more than just my good humor.

Sending attachments galore

You have to send many attachments, fine, but do not you send an email directly to jam the convoy inbox of the recipient. It is best to use some other system, such Dropbox, but if it’s timely, better send an email to the recipient, telling you that you would like to send pictures or larger files and when you give your permission, you can send it.

Not being clear titles and keep the current issue

It may be that we return to the last email sent someone to respond from there, but this does not mean that a title referencing a topic obsolete follow several days later. Most likely, the issue of which we speak has changed and in such cases it is necessary to change the title to respond. And we try where possible to harness the power of the securities to have better communication and make it easier to search through emails later.

Believe me, avoiding these practices so upset over one of your contacts and you will appreciate it much more productive in your grades.

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