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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

5 tips for brands Instagram

5 tips for brands Instagram

Nowadays having a presence on social networks is much more complex than simply create pages on Twitter and Facebook. We need to have an updated Community Manager and responsible ongoing campaigns, good content to keep users’ attention, and as far as possible a support channel for users to make known their concerns and complaints. And we also have to be updated and seek a presence where users are. It is no coincidence that over 40 percent of the world’s biggest brands have an Instagram account: this is where we need to be also.

So we’ve put together a helpful guide with five practices that we follow when we create our new account. If users of the application are as individuals, we will not have too much trouble to use it, so do not delve too much in performance. However, there are some differences between using a business account to a personal, obviously. Many brands pecan with errors we’ll mention below, but does not mean having no solution.

1. Use the same username in Twitter

Instagram offers two advantages. On one hand, we have a large user community, a social network with its own name allows us to interact with our users. On the other hand, allows us to synchronize our account with other social media accounts which may have a stronger presence, such as Twitter. In addition, the prior presence in this network guarantees that we will be recognized by the users also follow us on Twitter. Hence the importance of keeping our username.

Another important aspect is that, when we tagged by other users on Instagram, within the application, other users will access our profile, and from Twitter will be able to access our Twitter account. It’s a double benefit, in addition to having clear branding purposes.

  1. Use the hashtags

Another way to use correctly Instagram account of a trademark is to know all the possibilities we have to increase our reach. So we have to use – measured, of course – of the labels and hashtags in our images. This advice applies to all users who are managing a brand on any social network is handled by labels such as Tumblr and Twitter.

To note: Instagram does not have the same limitations of characters that Twitter. We can issue a message to the length we want, but considering that we may have a message posted on Twitter that did not load correctly. Now, just because we do not mean we have to do it forever.

  1. Do not get excited

Just because we have an Instagram account does not mean you have to use it all the time, every day. Let’s measure well the situations where we climbed a photograph, and maximize the impact through careful and interesting content, that encourages users to follow because they want to and not because we appear constantly on the timeline. Some brands choose to do all the time with Instagram photos that do not really add anything to the opinion that the public has about them, are not interesting and are almost as random as if it were an individual user. Should not abuse of resources at hand.

  1. Take advantage of special events

An ideal opportunity for the use of Instagram is the event coverage. With the synchronization of Twitter we can use to tell everything that is happening and create a story with images, something that not many people can do. From concerts to conferences, we can keep our users informed not only through text but also with attractive photographs.

It is also a way to “advertise” our Instagram account on other social networks. To know what we’re in a certain coverage, users can begin to follow. Here if we can afford to do more publications on Instagram than normal, because we are fulfilling the task of reporting. Think of it as the cover for half.

  1. Do not advertise too

Finally, one of the great errors in regard to Instagram is mistaken for a promotional tool. This is not an album on Facebook where we can count on our new products. It’s a social network with your own rules, its own users. So, let’s use Instagram to tell a story, not to show pictures of products. This does not mean that occasionally we can not publish one, but that is not a constant: it is not what our users are looking for.

In conclusion, we recommend this article (in English) with some examples of the bigger brands that successfully use Instagram , published in the blog of the same application. The truth is that using Instagram not all that complicated, so all you have to do is launch into the task and entertain our users.

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