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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 tips for data security in companies

5 tips for data security in companies

For all companies, regardless of their size, their equipment and, above all, the information contained in them is one of the most valuable assets. Large companies are more aware of this and for that reason invest financial resources to protect them from all kinds of threats.

Most SMEs do not give much importance to the issue, either because they consider it an “unnecessary expense” or just-because-believe it or unaware of the risks.

In my opinion, all companies should earmark a percentage of their resources (money and time) to create a strategy to cover-at least-the most basic points related to information security, as well as educate their employees about the risks and consequences of not respecting the policies.

From the ground up, every company should consider:

  • Make frequent backups of information: A company that maintains backups of your information can quickly recover from any incident. One can consider physical backup options, in-line or a combination of both. Each company has different needs, so each should evaluate what best suits them. Regardless of the choice, the recommendation is to schedule automatic backups to run periodically.
  • Using virtual servers: Virtual servers, better known as VPS , are extremely useful when a fault occurs in the local server hardware. By maintaining a replica of the company’s local server to a virtual server, the operations of the company can continue as normal in the event of a sudden.
  • Use firewall: The firewall or firewalls help prevent attacks on our local network from outside the company. One of the best ways to keep intruders out of the company information. There firewall hardware and software, both highly recommended options. Similarly recommend installing antivirus software and anti-spam filters.
  • Having Uninterruptible Power Supplies: Also known as UPS, these devices guarantee the supply of electricity, for a certain period of time, when there is a power problem in the company or a particular point within this. A UPS will give enough time to turn off / disconnect devices safely and save / back up the information that was being used at the time when the unexpected happens.
  • Apply content filters: Although many do not look kindly on content filters, these can be really helpful for employees to avoid visiting sites that could pose a security risk to the company. You need to create a clear and explain to employees about the need to apply these filters: not a matter of keeping them under surveillance, security is one reason.
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