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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

5 tips to improve the security of your Twitter account

5 tips to improve the security of our Twitter account

Twitter is a social network that has become an important communication channel for companies and brands (which can even open service windows user), a place to inform us of the issues that interest us promote our profile in a professional manner or exchange views with other users or our friends. This ease of making connections “as equals” and the rate of diffusion of content are two of the differential values but, at times, the diffusion rate is a double edged sword that can not stop or the deletion of messages published .

Cases such as NBC, which lost control of his Twitter account information , make us reflect on the need for control measures necessary to ensure the of our own to prevent unauthorized access and also set certain criteria for use and analysis of the information we receive to enjoy without leading any kind of shock.

Beware of applications that send automatic tweets

There is a very popular expression that comes from a sixteenth century English expression, which says that “curiosity killed the cat” and, frankly, in the social networking world, curiosity to know certain things can become a risk threatening the integrity of our profiles. Like Facebook is “applications trap” they say offer listings where people can see what friends visited our photos or who ceased to be our friends and not really offer anything that promise and all who seek to invade our profile in Twitter we can find similar applications, without our knowledge, are dedicated to post messages on our behalf.

One of the most striking are the tools that promise to show listings of people who have failed to follow and, with few exceptions , most applications it does is publish tweets on our behalf to see if our contacts also fall into the trap called out of curiosity to know who made them unfollow. In fact, most of these tools appear to exploit “our ego excesses” because we can also find activity analysis tools (statistics on our account), weekly, released messages with the number we have posted tweets, responses received or retweets we have.

Why is important to monitor these things? From my point of view, this type of tweets may adversely affect our reputation (sin of excess ego) and also can serve as standing for other users to fall into this type of application not too honest, mostly all I want is access to the data of our own.

In fact, if after testing an application (which requires access to our account) we observe that it automatically produces publications, we have to do is go to the configuration of our profile on Twitter and revoke access permissions to our account.

Periodically reviews the applications allowed to access your account

Whether we detected applications that send tweets that do not like (or do not fit with our strategy) or not, it is advisable to visit periodically the list of applications that have access to our profile. The ecosystem of Twitter apps that works thanks to this network API available to developers and that the user, resulting in an authorization process for access to our account.

It is quite normal, as time passes, we gain permissions granted to applications like Spotify, services like Tumblr, Klout, Instagram and a long list of applications. Surely, some of these applications have stopped using them and, therefore, be advisable to revoke their licenses.

Therefore, periodically (every month or every two months), should enter the setup of our own and, under the heading Applications, revoke permits and applications that do not use (avoid so they can access your account) . In fact, whether we have changed the password for our account, the authorization shall remain effective and, therefore, applications can still access the profile or post on it (a detail to consider whether, for example, manage accounts for others and we cede control of an account which has previously been managed by another company or other entity).

Beware of the profiles “false”

Given that there are 500 million accounts on Twitter , it is not unreasonable to think that among them there are fake accounts (those that are sold to increase the number of followers of a brand) and dedicated accounts to spamming or that try lead to web pages of dubious content.

If we have enough experience on Twitter, surely, all that we will discuss may seem basic to us but, in my view, it is worth remembering if someone ever comes a message that a total stranger invited to get an iPhone or visit a website that also come obscured by a shortening of urls. Faced with such situations, the best (before clicking on the link) is to visit the profile and see the kind of activity that has to make sure if your activity is permissible or not.

For us to trust that content, we can ignore the received message, or even notify Twitter profile that performs block spam or you can write directly.

Keep an eye open sessions

Brand Building just the month of August and therefore many we take a short vacation, it is worth remembering a few tips for having a quiet holiday from the technological point of view and keep our accounts compromised . If we are to access your account from public computers or computers of any other person, it is very important to close the session when we stop using our own to avoid that someone else can take control of our own.

Unlike Gmail , Twitter does not have any utility that tells us what we have open sessions (beyond the applications that access the profile), so if you just close the browser window, our open session could be exploited the other person might even change the password and steal your identity on Twitter.

To avoid such situations, it is best to use private browsing modes including most browsers, log off the account before closing the browser window or directly access the browser settings to clear the private data (cookies especially open sessions).

Surf safely

Thinking access from public Wi-Fi networks, for example, in a cafe or an airport, cases like Firesheep showed us the need to encrypt traffic navigation services like Twitter or Facebook.

5 tips to improve the security of our Twitter account image 3

In the case of Twitter, we can “force” the use of settings by accessing your account and checking the box for access to Twitter’s web traffic is always carried out with encryption at all times.

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