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5 tools for working with Scrum Android

5 tools for working with Scrum Android

Yesterday we spend a few minutes talking about agile methodologies for project management and in particular, we focus on Scrum , one of the most popular agile methodologies to be used both in the field of software engineering and in projects that have nothing to do with development. This methodology, which is geared to products, divide the project into sprints or iterations allow us to obtain, at the end of each of these phases, a functional product that will meet the specifications of the product (making it grow with each sprint or improve it if we have requested a change in the requirements).

The definition of a good catalog of requirements and its division into sprints are two key pieces in the methodology that supports this rule when developing the project, two pillars complemented by a series of management activities that allow us to press project implementation both with clients and with the members of our team. Scrum defines a series of meetings of monitoring and control also are fairly tabulated and define a set of roles and maximum times to optimize the length of the meeting to allow the concrete and therefore use the time on what really matters: the final product.

With a view to better manage our project and work in an orderly manner, it is not uncommon to see project managers work with boards full of Post-its and grouping requirements in each of the sprints using the card sorting or, example, using stopwatches at meetings to ensure no time exceed the recommendations to use. Given that, today, many professionals with tablets and smartphones, it may be interesting to some tool to rely on when implementing our following the methodology so with that idea, let’s spend a few minutes 5 applications knowing that we can be useful when working with Scrum agile methodology:

  • Scrum Master Assistant is a free application with which we can “govern” the meetings that we maintain with our team so famous not exceeding 15 minutes in length. Thanks to this application we can control the time allocated to each meeting attendee, managing the agenda, attendees manage follow-up meetings, take notes and export them as a report of the meeting, an Excel spreadsheet or to the cloud like Google Doc.

Scrum Parandroid cards is a very useful resource when applying the planning poker to our project. Planning? Poker? Although it may sound strange, this technique is widely used in work teams when making estimates of effort to implement and, of course, make the time schedule of the project. Normally some letters are used values 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 and 100 and each participant discovers letters indicating time estimate for a given task until , together, reach consensus and task duration is assumed to planning time. With this application directly, obtain a digital deck of cards with which to address this design stage without having to hand a deck of cards or a deck of Scrum conventional poker (which can also be used).

  • Trello is a cloud service highly recommended to manage projects or tasks and coordinate a team. With this service we will have a whiteboard (or board) in which we can open columns you go gathering cards (or cards) with the tasks we have to assign. Put another way, if for example we had a workflow with open tasks, running tasks, pending tasks and completed tasks (very close to GTD ), the cards could be moving between these states and, at a glance, see the state of our tasks. And what has to do with Scrum Trello? Slate and cards, two components that are included in Trello and we can apply to help make the planning of our project sprints.
  • Scrum Timer is an interesting resource for those who play the role of Scrum Master and govern the meetings held with the project team. Thanks to this application, as was the case with Assistant Scrum Master, we can control the timing of the meeting or the time that each of the participants assigned to the same well to take notes in meetings for later review, and as utility Further, it includes the “card game” with which we can make the planning and estimation of project efforts.
  • Scrum Planning Poker Cards is another application to be considered if we want to “play” the game of poker unique project planning. With this application we also have on hand a deck of cards you carry, with our team, a consensus project planning and, of course, based on knowledge and experience of all members of the team (getting so from the first moment they can identify with planning and strive to fulfill).

Image (CC) Mark Ellison

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