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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

5 uses for Pocket labor

5 uses for Pocket labor

A few days ago MariliĀ­n sang praises to Pocket , a tool that allows us to store articles and links that we find on the web to read later. In fact, used to be called Read It Later, but was transformed-for better, clearly, including the name and endowed it with new interesting features. Today, we have an enormous amount of information to process. These tools help us to better manage our time.

And when we say “better time management”, we are also talking about what they could guess by the title. Being so practical tool can we use it as a tool work? Of course you do.

Depend on the type of work we have, of course, but we got to thinking and came up with some things for which we can use Pocket in our work environment. Because they are always more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.

  • Relieve information: when we are about to make a pitch, we have to present a report to our clients, or anything else you need to get together a lot of information, so we need a way to save while we seek. The classic Notepad to save the links may work for some, but with Pocket saved some steps simply by clicking on the browser extension.
  • Reports: One of the most annoying things in the universe, at least in my opinion, are the reports of competitive behavior, for example, in which we have to do a survey of all the activities of competitors in blogs, websites, etc.. Ditto for the own brand in online presence, sentiment in forums, etc.. With Pocket can easily store these things.
  • Save Videos: Back in the time when it was called Pocket Read it Later, a large number of users using the application to store videos that were not visible at any given time. For example, when we are in a meeting or have too much work. This happens to me all the time and since I started using Pocket I can get home and spend a good half hour watching all the videos stored during the day, without having to waste time while I’m doing something important.
  • To generate content: it is obvious. Pocket can serve as an inspiration when we are curing content for social networks or when we are bloggers. We search and store reference articles or interesting content to post later. We can also find things on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and keep them in our virtual pocket.
  • Eliminate procrastination: wasting time is one of the great evils-and one of the best benefits of the internet-office. So when we do not have the time to disconnect and watching countless videos of cats doing, well, things cats on YouTube, or read articles that are not related to our work, we can save them to read when self Pocket have time.

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