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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

5 WordPress plugins worth trying

5 WordPress plugins worth trying

Among the web content management systems free software that can find, no doubt is one of the most used among users, for example, when starting a blog because of its ease of deployment, ease of management and above all, flexibility. WordPress really does not need to be expert developers to extend the functionality of our website or we will personalize it for we can use (and there are many options) plugins , templates and widgets to get a website unique and tailored to our needs.

The number of plugins that can be found in WordPress is huge and, the truth is that we will find an extension for almost anything we can imagine (and even more than one), in fact, little by little, we are taking time to learn some extensions that are worth trying or take account face to increase the functionality of our blog. Taking advantage of the weekend arrives and perhaps dispongamos more free time, you may want to use a few minutes to renew our blog (this blog not update anything we wanted) and give it new functions thanks to 5 extensions that could test for this weekend:

  • Social Media Widget is a simple widget that will give us the ability to insert our coordinates in the network and bridge for readers who continue to visit us (or at least have the opportunity to visit) our publications on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr or Pinterest. This feature offers the ability to insert an array of icons that point to the various social profiles to maintain, supporting a number of services and offering two levels of customization (icon size to use and style icons, since they include several options).
  • MediaEmbedder is a resource to consider if we enhance our blog (or our corporate website, since there are a number that are implemented in WordPress) with multimedia content. While sites like Vimeo or YouTube offer us comfort that we can insert code in our posts or articles, there are extensions that we can do much easier (in addition to expanding our view to many more resources). With MediaEmbedder can insert, comfortably contents, Flickr, YouTube (including playlists) or Scribd, among other containers, and enrich (or give more context) publications we present to our readers.
  • PowerPress Blubrry is a plugin designed to facilitate the realization of podcasts. This extension should find something easier to insert in our various podcasts blog we make and, to make things easier, it includes support for podcasts posted on iTunes, multiple formats (mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, webm, ogg, oga , ogv, wma, torrent, epub, among others), support for HTML5, ability to insert different types of podcasts by category of our blog and a long list of options that are worth reviewing.
  • Remove Revisions is an exciting extension if we activated the WordPress version control, ie, we stored the changes made in an article before publication and make changes after it is published. When an article published takes time and therefore we keep it stable might not be necessary to store all the change history of it and, with the idea of eliminating what is no longer necessary, with this extension can delete versions fixing our old articles for it a “threshold of old” (and if we do the complete cleaning, after deleting the reviews we can optimize our database with Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions .
  • Gallery is one of those plugins that we see in many of the that perhaps visit daily (or at least see similar functionality) as it gives us the ability to insert an image gallery in the articles we post to our users to see images at higher quality (and size) which are normally inserted in the text. After installing this extension can set the size of the thumbnails that appear at the end of our post, the size of the enlarged photos (since after clicking on the thumbnail images, they will appear larger), the arrangement of the thumbnails, etc., and with this simple setup, we can offer our readers articles with collections of images (in a very simple and visually appealing).


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