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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Gadgets |

5 years of Amazon Kindle

5 years of Amazon Kindle

Although it seems like yesterday the fact is that today is celebrating five years of the existence of the Kindle . A device that has meant taking off and the popularization of e-books. It’s not just that the Kindle is the most sold model is that has made that other manufacturers will trailer features both hardware and ecosystem and price.

The first is to ask where did the name of Kindle. Kindle is a verb which in English means “light a fire” on Amazon and thought it might be a good analogy of reading and mental stimulation occurs.

The first model of the Kindle started selling five years ago today, on November 19, 2007 and in the U.S. alone. It sold out in just five hours and that it was not exactly cheap and it was $399 and it used a proprietary e-book format. It had a screen 6 ‘with 4 gray levels and 256mb of internal memory but with a slot for SD cards put. Its screen was not a big soda as electronic ink still needed to do a whole load change and therefore had a side wheel that allowed select content without having to refresh the screen.

Perhaps the big news that incorporated over other similar devices was using EVDO connectivity, allowing you did not have to be aware of a WiFi hotspot. Amazon also did not charge a monthly fee for using the data network and allowed will download a book in less than a minute, you were where you were. All this process is made easy way for the user. It’s unbelievable that even today there are devices that require connect to a PC to make the process of buying and transferring content. Amazon was very clear that this process had to be able to do either.

The second generation design improvements introduced above. Apart from the increase in processor speed, memory became 2GB and removed the SD card slot. The appearance got a great improvement in thickness, which increased from 20mm to 9mm. The weight remained unchanged at 290g. The Kindle 2 was released on February 23, 2009 at a price of $ 359 and in July of that year and was lowered to $ 299. On October 7, 2009 the price was going to cost another cut $ 259 since it launched the international version which replaced the CDMA network connectivity for GSM and 3G. This version came to cost $ 279 and the June 21, 2010 the price was reduced to $ 189. Sales grew but also competition, which made much more fit Amazon profit margins had with each device.

At this time launched an experiment called Kindle DX . Spent to provide reading magazines and newspapers, larger formats so its screen was also consistent with this and grew to the 9.7 ‘. It offered a better reading experience with PDF’s and had its market until the mass entry of tablets made to lose all meaning.

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On July 28, 2010 Amazon introduced that to me is the turning point in electronic readers then. The Kindle 3 was more compact than previous models, the keyboard and kept his weight down to 274g. Now it was really easy to carry it but also as a great novelty introduced a screen with Pearl Technology. The contrast and gray levels increased enough, the pages do not refresh took forever and was really handy, did you forget that there was a lag. Also the price was going to be too popular. Its $ 139 made a device that was not only funny people who will not read on paper. Now it was a device that you could recommend to anyone and that it posed a great investment. In fact is the price at which they sell electronic readers enough today.

Since then you get the Amazon Kindle 4th Generation , which already removed the keyboard and that fits in any jacket pocket. He has experimented with touch technology with the Kindle Touch and has improved Paperwhite , which also incorporates light on the screen that does not harm the reading experience and sure to be the standard here a couple of years. And finally has started its journey with the Kindle Fire to reclaim land from the iPad.

After these five years we find certain factors that do not change in the approach that has made Amazon in the eBook industry. The Kindle always been known for having the best hardware available for the lowest price possible. And Amazon has managed to accompany this hardware with an ecosystem that is always expanding and ease of use (blessed who thought of something as great as the Whispernet) that currently seems to have no rival.

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