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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

5D Planner, interior design in 2D and 3D for free

5D Planner, interior design in 2D and 3D for free

In the network we can find a number of resources for supporting a number of personal projects without having to be experts in a particular area of expertise. Whether on mobile devices or via our desktop computer, the network offers a number of applications to work with flat or usher in interior design without having fluency in professional applications such as AutoCad . If we need to draw a map, there are many free alternatives and, above all, simple to operate that can help us, for example, to plan the reform of our house, a wide range of options when you add Planner 5D , a service free, moreover, is present as Google Chrome application .

5D Planner is a free online tool with which we can draw 2D and 3D recreations of any interior space or, for example, the house of our dreams. While it is somewhat away from the details that we could offer professional tools like AutoCad, this web offers the necessary tools for us to translate the design you have in mind or move to a flat room in our house forward for a budget reform or ask our kitchen furniture.

For ease of use, the tool offers a number of room shape templates (which we can modify to our liking playing with dimensions), a comprehensive library of furniture, electrical outlets, decorative objects or appliances and outdoor objects address to complete projects (including a garden). As is the case with other tools, 5D Planner allows us to work in layers, ie, overlay planes on different types of information so that we can solve the design of decoration and display the empty plant or, for example, view the map limited to measures. Thanks to its extensive library of textures can even display 3D plane and get an idea of the design using the render to be generated on the fly, rotate and move through it.

However, in addition to its simplicity, one of the most significant details of this free tool is the ability to share the design with other users (eg through social networks) and even invite others to collaborate active in the design (since the service allows multiple users to work within the same project).

After testing the tool, and worked occasionally with AutoCad, I must admit that I find it very easy to use and fast to make designs or schemes floor of a room or an office floor is a resource to consider.

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